Short and Sweet

Just a note:  We are in the process of combining into this wordpress site which should happen in the next week or two.  We’re excited about the changes.

I apologize for not blogging.  I spent much of the winter in Florida caring for my father who has Parkinson’s and some heart issues as well.  But he’s doing much better and spring brings optimism.  And my first grandchild, John Michael Oskey was born March 30th, and I loved being part of that experience.

My latest book Seasonal Roads was just released by Wayne State Press and I am finalizing my event schedule.  Some of it is already posted and much will be forthcoming shortly.

We are back at camp–Josh and Maggie and me– on the Little Two Hearted.  The river is up, grouse are hanging in close to the woodpile and coyotes howl in so close it raises the hair on my head–all life in the U.P. of Michigan.

All is right with the world.  I hope all is right with yours–

Author: lynnfay73

Disclaimer: Will no doubt revise this almost immediately but for now: I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, fisherman and writer. (My second novel was released by Wayne State University, spring 2016. I write creative nonfiction -- one received an Honorable Pushcart mention -- but mostly short stories. I am also a class-less (without classes, not without manners, though some might disagree) Assistant Contingent Professor at Northern Michigan University which gives me, you guessed it, more time to mother, daughter, wife, fish, write, etc. (I have recently become "classy" once more having taught Fall 2016 and will be teaching two classes Winter 2017). I live off the grid with my son Josh who has Down Syndrome, various floating family members, and my English shepherd dog Maggie, who loves to herd children, birds, and bunnies. I'm working now on a wood fire memoir titled Woodfire Diaries: Cooking and Writing on the Little Two Hearted River.

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