I was in Marquette Friday for the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association book fair.  It was a lovely 75 degree day without a cloud in the sky.  Sat opposite my friend and colleague Janeen Rastall and signed books for people.  Several librarians stopped by for the book and invited me to read at their … Continue reading News

The Fire

I was fishing the Fox this last weekend, east branch, and they have a nice plaque next to the river claiming Hemingway fished there, and if you read his "Big Two Hearted River" story, you can certainly make a claim that that is the case.  I caught my first trout of the season (a little … Continue reading The Fire


I know the title is a bit confusing.  I am working on my memoir/wood fire cookbook.  It will be titled The Wood Fire Diaries:  Essays on Food, Life, and Related Fallacies or something close.  It will include published nonfiction pieces, conversational segments about living off the grid, assorted stories of my life, and of course, … Continue reading Bugs

Made in Michigan 2

Also, "made in Michigan" our new outbuilding which should enhance life at camp since I will be able to relocate building supplies outward.  We should be enclosed in July.  Siding will be corrugated metal, silver roof with wood trim around doors and windows to compliment main building.  We progress...