Techno – crap – ology

Well, I’ve wasted hours now trying to log on to my new Dell computer which apparently changed the password all by itself to one known only to itself.  This is the second time it has done this.  I’m now on my old Dell which will barely move at all so not sure how much work I will accomplish on this rainy Wednesday in the north country (too rainy to plant my seed potatoes as I had planned).  This computer also overheats and just shuts off any damn time it feels like it so if you actually see this blog it will be a miracle.  Our brand new Palomini RV also keeps blowing a fuse and messing up the refrigerator, something I was using for backup over the holiday, and a situation likely to plague on our camping trip west.

I live off the grid partly to escape modern life but this entails relying on (yet more) technology albeit the solar panel/generator variety which can leave me occasionally with candles, oil lamps, and a good book.  I can flush the toilet with water from the cistern if it’s been rainy.  Luckily, this doesn’t happen too frequently.  By the way this old computer shut down in the middle of this blog post to update even though it had done so just last night.  But luckily due to the wonderfulness of technology WordPress saved most of this blog!  A double-edged sword to be sure.

But just so you know, I have some kind of reversed polarity, I think, like those people who get hit by lightning over and over, that somehow fritzes out all electronic devices– to name only a few new devices that quit:  Toasters, vacuum cleaners (multiple), computers, phones, refrigerators–I was the only one whose microphone didn’t work at the recent Wayne State Made In Michigan celebration even though they’d tested it first (and when the tech girl came near me with another microphone, it also stopped working eventually).  There you go.

I wasn’t meant to cohabit with little pluses and minuses.

So now that I’m done griping I will get some brunch for my son Josh (I have better luck with propane) and then attempt some work on my memoir cookbook.  This whole fiasco has cost me more than five hours.  But I also am blessed with a son named John who graduated in Media Productions who will likely fix my new computer in a week or so.

Life is good….


Author: lynnfay73

Disclaimer: Will no doubt revise this almost immediately but for now: I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, fisherman and writer. (My second novel was released by Wayne State University, spring 2016. I write creative nonfiction -- one received an Honorable Pushcart mention -- but mostly short stories. I am also a class-less (without classes, not without manners, though some might disagree) Assistant Contingent Professor at Northern Michigan University which gives me, you guessed it, more time to mother, daughter, wife, fish, write, etc. (I have recently become "classy" once more having taught Fall 2016 and will be teaching two classes Winter 2017). I live off the grid with my son Josh who has Down Syndrome, various floating family members, and my English shepherd dog Maggie, who loves to herd children, birds, and bunnies. I'm working now on a wood fire memoir titled Woodfire Diaries: Cooking and Writing on the Little Two Hearted River.

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