I was in Marquette Friday for the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association book fair.  It was a lovely 75 degree day without a cloud in the sky.  Sat opposite my friend and colleague Janeen Rastall and signed books for people.  Several librarians stopped by for the book and invited me to read at their libraries.  All ended with a great dinner  with friends and my two sons at Sol Azteca Mexican restaurant there on the water where I had Choripollo Tacos (chicken chorizo) which were mouth watering.

During the fair, I received a phone call from Lynn Domina, the new head of the English Dept. at NMU and she offered me classes for Fall semester.  It seems I am now back to work at least for now.  The schedule is perfect for me and I have missed the students.

Promise to post more pictures and get more artsy with postings soon!

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