Bachelor’s Buttons and Inukshuks

Bachelor's ButtonLast year I planted a mixed annual/perennial wildflower mix on the north side of my house.  Planted them in the spring and most of them came up and bloomed mid-summer – fall.  I over seeded just perennials last year and until yesterday had just these yellow flowers (Wild Lettuce?) which also grow naturally around my property.  Yesterday, this hot pink flower bloomed (I think the whole head will eventually turn pink) and am thinking it might be a Bachelor’s Button which can be different colors.  (For some inexplicable reason I have THREE Birds of Michigan books, a Mammals of Michigan book, and a Field Guide to North American Trees, but my wild flower book–and my mushroom book– are missing).  At least I think the flower might be a Bachelor from what I see online, but it’s a gorgeous flower.  These other yellow flowers don’t remind me of lettuce in any way, either,  but take a look.  These are growing wild in front of my Inukshuk (an Inuit-like statue we made out of the broken concrete we took out from in front of the house–a man like this stands for peace and represents “a man who knew how to survive in the traditional way.”  I’ll also post the statue created by a Vancouver artist, Elena Rivera McGregor, for the Winter Olympics 2010.  It was modeled after Alvin Kanak’s statue which stands in Vancouver’s English Bay.  So, ok, our statue which presides over our fire pit and the Little Two Hearted River may not quite get there since I was standing and pointing at my husband as he slapped mortar on our limited-in-size-and-shape remaining chunks of driveway, but I like it.  I light it up at night with solar lights and the wildflowers just grew up around it as if they knew this place was peaceful and special–it is to me.  And no, we aren’t QUITE in Canada, but we’re four miles from Lake Superior and if you stand there at Crisp Point (the destination the women were attempting to reach when they had to survive two weeks on Girl Scout cookies), you can see Canada, on a clear day that is.  I can’t find how far that is online here, but it’s close.  At any rate, I have a collection of Inuit art–I love the primitiveness of it.  I also have an Inukshuk standing to “show the way” out by my driveway, also slapped together by my husband’s artsy trowel.


And here is the Olympic statue,  the style of which matches our other Inukshuk out by the drive.  Well, sort of.  Coolest thing ever, right?


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