Never think things are running along smoothly because they aren’t–you just likely haven’t figured it out yet. Well that’s a bit cynical and not quite accurate.   They might be running along finely, but nowhere near what you think “smoothly” or “finely” is or will or should be.  I’m a mixed philosopher (I think it was Mills or someone from my college philosophy class–I’m not a determinist or indeterminist but instead I think it’s some kind of Jungian, Synchronistic, mystical combination of it all).  Which doesn’t leave us off the hook  in terms of free-will, morality, personal responsibility or other biggies of this nature.  They still matter.   Still, we just can’t count on circumstances or our own idea of the intrinsic goodness/badness of any set of those circumstances, because we don’t have enough distance from any of it to determine anything of the sort.  But even though I try to be indifferent to all circumstances, I can’t help but be pissed sometimes as I am this afternoon after an enormous thunderstorm–complete with tiny albeit deadly hail–just rolled through here and flattened what was arguably my best vegetable garden to date.  My wildflowers are equally flat.  (Pictures to follow after the thunder and lightning stops–see below.)

Hard to believe they will right themselves completely.

And there has been some kind of mix-up in the promotion of my event in Traverse City–Jack Driscoll and I were scheduled to read together at Horizon Books on July 23.  He somehow got left off the event schedule and now will only introduce me–lovely, of course, but just doesn’t do it for me.

So I will continue doing school prep and in a couple hours, I’ll do some yoga and try breathing through my third eye or something like that until it all shakes out into being (of course) what it IS.  Deepak Chopra.  🙂

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