Here are some pictures of the launch which was held at River House Inn in Williamston, Michigan, a few miles from where I grew up in Haslett, Michigan.  So many of my best

friends and family were there to celebrate with me and it was a perfect few days.  There are more pictures under “photos” on the website.  Check them out!  (Especially notice my wonderful son-in-law, Joe, there with my squirtly first grand son, John Michael Oskey, in his bow tie!  JM is in his bow tie, rather.  Joe probably wouldn’t want to wear one.

It’s hard for a writer to write about close friends in moments like this.  Words fail but not just at expected times such as weddings and funerals as you might think, but all the time. If you are a writer, you may think that there are times you’ve nailed what you wanted to say, but the truth is that even when this is so, (when I for one think I may have done just that),you  also realize that you’ve confined and defined the sentiment or event or character or emotion into concrete that then represents the culmination of (sentiment, event, character, emotion) and that is how  even you remember it from then on.   Before you said anything, the (sentiment, event, character, emotion) existed in all its infinite potential and undefined complexity.   Which is a sad thing to have to admit as a writer!  I think the Native Americans understood this which is why they didn’t want to commit ceremonies or history to writing (and are just beginning to attempt it) and were even careful how and when they committed their cultural experiences to even a verbal interaction between people.   So let me just so thanks to you all.  I love you.  Check out the other photos!

Author: lynnfay73

Disclaimer: Will no doubt revise this almost immediately but for now: I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, fisherman and writer. (My second novel was released by Wayne State University, spring 2016. I write creative nonfiction -- one received an Honorable Pushcart mention -- but mostly short stories. I am also a class-less (without classes, not without manners, though some might disagree) Assistant Contingent Professor at Northern Michigan University which gives me, you guessed it, more time to mother, daughter, wife, fish, write, etc. (I have recently become "classy" once more having taught Fall 2016 and will be teaching two classes Winter 2017). I live off the grid with my son Josh who has Down Syndrome, various floating family members, and my English shepherd dog Maggie, who loves to herd children, birds, and bunnies. I'm working now on a wood fire memoir titled Woodfire Diaries: Cooking and Writing on the Little Two Hearted River.

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