Well, I will have to wait for my friend Charmaine to send me some decent pictures of our trip west since my husband Dick cannot be accused of good photography.  Still, the Badlands are pretty and that’s a pretty silly picture of my jeep parked amongst the 600,000 motorcyles that shared our trip west on their way to the Sturgis, South Dakota rally.  We’d have to wait forever to pull out, squeeze in between the hogs (not the animals, the cycles).  Mostly they were nice but once they yelled at us to get out of their way as we were driving Needles Highway in the Black Hills.  I seem to have no pictures of that at all and impossible to describe the needle-like mountain passes and the strange formations that appeared like melting ice cream, so will likely have to do another post to show them and will hope some of the pictures even contain people.  But the trip was lovely and it was fabulous to spend time with our dear friends Larry and Charmaine Howell who we don’t see often enough as they moved to Alabama years ago.

There were no lightning storms in the Badlands this trip west, but we had a fabulous sunset and moon over the desert, the absence of trees allowing us to see the moon set over the horizon, something we never seem to be aware of in Michigan.  We saw moose, prairie dogs, deer, antelope, longhorn sheep, wild burros, feral horses.  No snakes.  The campgrounds were all lovely except for the KOA (don’t stay there unless you have to do your laundry), the National Parks fabulous.  Teddy Roosevelt National Park was one I had not visited and the “other” Badlands there were beautiful.  Little Big Horn and Crazy Horse Monument were moving.

We played many games of euchre, we four,  sitting around our camp tables, though I never got my campfire– mostly due to the restrictions in the Badlands and the rainstorm in the Black Hills, but I’m not complaining.  Other than to say the trip was too short…


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