Happy belated 4th to all and a profuse apology for my absence to this blog. I found that the adjustment to my son’s cancer diagnosis and the care for my father recovering from heart surgery used up my emotional reserves for much. I did, however, manage to finish my wood fire cookbook memoir and it’s off to my publisher for what I hope will be acceptance.  If not, the search goes on.

The holiday was spent with my daughter, son-in-law, and two year-old grandson.  I’m having trouble getting my pictures to download to my computer and then upload here, so they will follow soon.  Pictures of the garden as well. However, we had some glorious steaks as we did last year, took a trip to Gitchee Gumee up at Crisp Point lighthouse, attended the local whitefish fry in Paradise– fish fresh out of the pond that day, so fresh you could still see it jumping, and cooked some fabulous keto breakfasts of jalapeno egg poppers, and fried egg roll-ups with basil.  My garden is producing better than ever and we had fresh baby greens out of the garden one night.  It’s been dry, so a lot of watering, and that means a drain on the battery/solar, but as I write today, it is raining steadily with thunderstorms forecasted at last.

I attribute regaining some focus less to the adjustment to our lot (my son is doing well as is my father which helps), and more to the keto diet itself.  I’ve lost weight, lost brain fog, slept better, and my ass has healed better than expected (I took a nasty fall on my tail bone a month ago).  I love to cook, am naturally a carnivore, so the change has been a good one for me.

I’ve started a couple new projects.  My passion for the written word was fueled in my youth by my love for horses (I read every horse book in the Haslett Junior High library at least once) and I’ve started a series of essays that use my horses (I had five) as theme, and a more conventional novel which centers on horses as well.  It feels as if I’ve come full circle.  I plan to attend the American Royal Horse Show in Kansas City, MO this year, a show I attended in high school with my grandmother, Nanna.  I’m hoping my daughter will tag along late August.

Overall, I have to report that the links in the chain got me here and it’s been good to remember that no circumstance is inherently good or bad, but integral to the next experience, the next link, integral to forming our characters and who we become.  Not to claim there are no sad or down days, just that there are no “bad” ones.

My garden report will come soon once I solve this computer disaster.





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