Carnivore Dreams Day Ten



-4 cans sparkling water (all day)

-Black coffee


-1 can smoked oysters

-3 Jumbo shrimp

-8 Ounces pulled pork

-An ounce cheddar cheese

Observations: People tell me I look better than I ever have.  My hair dresser I’ve known 20 years.  It has been ten days and the before and after (not exact background) seems to show my face developing a bit more shape, tone, and overall smaller maybe.   I appear overall smaller everywhere.  It has only been ten days so of course I’m not toned around the neck/jaw YET.  We’ll see.  But it’s a nice thing.  I continue to have NO bloating.  I haven’t been totally without stomach pain since I was a very young child. That is the most amazing thing of all.

I’ve been watching a lot of podcasts, most of them negative on the Carnivore diet. (From experts).  Nothing negative from those who have tried it (except a couple with higher cholesterol levels).  Jordan Peterson was pretty interesting, though he is not claiming to do more than relay his own experiences as I am doing.  He’s not recommending it, though he and his daughter feel remarkably better, especially her.  Interestingly, his daughter has autoimmune diseases as I have (Hashimoto thyroiditis for me). I don’t have them to the extent she does.  But I have constant bloating and stomach pain and a puffy face most of the time.  That has improved.  So perhaps its true we are just allergic to almost everything.  I’m not sure.

This week is one of appointments and travel and concerts, so the notes will be short and I won’t be writing any lyrical prose, but it’s still a nice week of errands and I’ve been able to stick to the diet.

Dreams: I had one dream in the middle of the night I can’t remember now.  I know if I got up and wrote them down, I’d have them, but then I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep.  No mom or grandmother. I don’t often have bad dreams, but when I do, they are like this one:  My son with Down Syndrome is dying or lost.  Last night I took him somewhere, turned my back and he disappeared.  I spent all night it seemed looking for him and he finally showed up.  It’s such a terrifying, lost feeling and the settings when I can remember them at all, are always nebulous, foggy.  This time we were outside at least initially. 

I will still keep invoking Mom and Nanna.

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