Carnivore Dreams Day Twelve

Cover 1


-3 Sparkling waters all day (not enough—was on road)

-8 ounces chicken bone broth

11 a.m.

-2 Slices bacon

-1 Egg fried

5 p.m.

-8 ounces roasted chicken

-4 Ounces steak bites

9 p.m.

-2 hard boiled eggs


Nothing new. Stressed out and skin seemed a bit duller today.  Ate in restaurants last couple days and think the ingredients or spices might have affected me adversely.  A bit of puffiness in eyes.  Football and family birthday week/weekend.  Next week starting Tuesday more focused on diet and work.

Dreams: Had them, but didn’t write them down since my father was here and a distraction.  Must do better first thing in a.m.  Had something to do with a house again, I think.


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