Carnivore Diet Day Thirteen

JM and Me July 2017

**Many photographs in my blog are taken by my daughter, Hilary Oskey.  She teaches band in Marinette, WI, but she had her first official paid photography gig recently.  Hilary Fay Photography I think I have that right.  This photo was taken a while ago with my little fellow, grandson John Michael Oskey.  I’ll be seeing him a couple weeks!


-Every day I have at least four cans LaCroix sparkling water.

-Black coffee


-Two slices uncured bacon

-One hard boiled pastured egg

-One cup of chicken bone broth — pastured chicken


-5 Jumbo shrimp

-One pound pastured ground pork

Observations:  I caught up a little on sleep and look a bit more rested.  I  am headed back north to a regular schedule until I visit my grandson Nov. 8th, so will get back into my work.  I was able to keep up my workout warrior schedule while here, but will likely end up missing one day on Monday due to travel.  I get a lot of exercise loading and unloading, doing stairs, so all will be well.

I continue to be pleased with my progress.  I feel I’m getting leaner, my middle is drawing in.  I have a bit extra skin, but am optimistic it will tone up since my overall skin quality is so much better.  I always had a very small waist and really  missed it.  Nice to be getting it back.  It’s also noticeable how much stronger I am getting.  I could never build muscle on other diets and was worried about losing it at my age.  My back is better supported.  It’s also obvious my visceral fat is reduced and my liver which had been slightly enlarged is definitely down.  This progress is enough to keep me on it at least until the end of November.

Wrinkles:  They have improved overall because my skin quality overall is better, moister, smoother, though at my age I’m worried if they will be more prominent once I lose the last 4-5 pounds.

I am certain my doctor will not approve of this diet.  My plan, though, is to add in low residue vegetables VERY carefully as I love them, but I am convinced that I am allergic to many of them, they interfere with the absorption of nutrients, they add to intestinal inflammation, etc.  This plan is at the least giving my gut a rest.  And since I look overall healthier and feel that way, I have to wonder what all these plants were really contributing to things.

**Oh, one very interesting observation I’ve heard from others on this diet:  you can STUFF yourself on steak or ground meat until you can’t eat another bite.  If you did that on any other diet, you’d pay for it for days with bloat and abdominal pain, gas.  On this diet, in a half hour you feel completely fine.  NO heartburn, no bloat, and no feeling uncomfortable.  Amazing.

Like everyone else notes, we don’t know enough about this diet to know how it affects people long term.  We really don’t even have lab numbers over time.  I discount Sean Baker a little because he is way over-eating protein to bulk up which could be raising his blood sugar and affecting some other numbers.  I am not sure that will happen with more reasonable protein consumption.  Four pounds of steak seems excessive for any person.  I noticed some people claimed ratios of 50-60% protein, but my Keto tracker puts me at 60% fat and 40% protein eating steak, bacon and eggs primarily, some seafood.  That is up from about 28% protein on Keto–I wanted to stay closer to 30% since I’m older and need to maintain muscle.  But I seem to be eating the same thing one blogger did and he said his protein was between 50-60%.

My mood has stayed consistently up despite a stressful week.  My sleep was great last night and I’m not a great sleeper.  No heart racing.  I do once in a while have some head rushes (I always did), and some problems with ear crystals–have to get those adjusted occasionally.  That seems unchanged so far.  Fewer migraine headaches, I would say, and those were in the first week.  Still an adjustment from Keto.

Ever so slightly constipated–am suspicious of the hard boiled eggs I’ve had…

Dreams: I was aware of dreaming all night, but the one I recall was I was making dinner for some blonde girl I didn’t know.  I remember one thing on the plate was a bowl of legumes of some sort–something I gave up long ago.  This was a surprise meal, something I sent to her home for some reason.  I can’t remember what else was on the plate.  Or why I was feeding this woman.  Must be food on the brain…

I wish you a good and peaceful week.  Check in on me!  I’ll be researching and writing some things to ponder.

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