Carnivore Dreams Day Fourteen




I know.  Not on my diet, but this bean dip made by my son’s girlfriend, Christie, was so lovely I had to take pictures of it.  I made myself baked wings for game day (we are Lions fans).  And I had some shrimp as well.

Food Sunday:


-4 Cans (all day) sparkling water (plus another two glasses filtered water)

-Black coffee

3 p.m.:

-3 oz. shrimp

-8 baked chicken wings — I did use some dry spices on these–cumin, cayenne, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder.

-1 baked chicken thigh with skin

Observations:  For those who haven’t followed this blog from the beginning, I have been on this Carnivore diet for two weeks now following three months on Keto.  So far, my experience has been positive.

Constipation is gone.  Not sure what caused that.  Sleep was good.  Nothing more to report.  I have had a bit of puffiness off and on that had gone away and I’m paying attention to whether or not I’m eating in a restaurant (not sure of spices) or using a few of them–like was the case with my game day baked wings.  I love this recipe, and other than spices would certainly be fine on my diet.  Will see how I look today, but don’t feel too bad as I write this.

I am packed up to head back to camp this morning where I’ll be researching my novel project–a novel about prophetic dreams.  So I’ll be chronicling my own dreams as well and hopefully posting things a bit more profound the next two-and-half weeks until I visit my grandson in Green Bay.  I’ll need to keep the woodstove stoked and hope I don’t get snowed in before my husband comes up to tune up the snow blower and haul in winter’s store of wood.  I anticipate a pretty drive still as far as fall foliage, though many leaves will be down in the Upper Peninsula.

I wish you a most happy Monday.

Dreams:  I was at some event and I had our converted green van of old with the fancy table and captain’s chairs.  My son with Downs was with me some of the time; other times it seemed to be my good friend Karen, though we stopped off to see another good friend, Carol, who seemed upset she wasn’t going with us.  I was parked on this circle drive in front of this building and assured I could park there four days, yet I seemed to be worried about getting a ticket.  The couch turned into a bed and Josh would sleep in the back end.  Or Karen would.  I can’t remember what this event was, but I remember buying and hanging clothes on a rack in there, ordering breakfast from somewhere, which was paid for by some guy we knew there with his son.  (For some reason, he denied the young man was his son, but he looked exactly like him and the young man had already told us he was his son).  So I called him out on this and he guiltily acknowledged it was true.  Breakfast cost $80 and someone in the dream was shocked at this but it’s foggy who this was.  I just remember telling them I didn’t tell this guy to buy it.  There was also some kind of store I was shopping in that carried artwork, though the store seemed to be disorganized as if they were just opening.  This circle drive seemed to be adjacent to writer Jim Harrison’s house and he was still alive.  It was clear we would be meeting up with him at some point, but we never did.  (He is a Michigan writer I admire and met several times–once drank wine with him in a bar in Grand Marais, Michigan.  He wrote Legends of the Fall.)  It seemed as if we had some interaction in the dream maybe but it’s foggy now.

There was an earlier dream about a fireplace and an apartment I lived upstairs in.  I remember putting the key in the door INSIDE it, to keep people out.  I remember the stairway leading up to this door.

If you are new to this blog you need to know I am experimenting with lucid dreaming for the research for my new novel.  I have been trying to get my mother and grandmother (both deceased) to show up in my dreams. So far, I’ve been successful only in being able to sense my mother’s presence once, but nothing I’ve been able to remember as far as specifics.  Some of my research does suggest that if suggestions are made prior to one’s sleep, one can control or at least prompt the dreams of the dreamer.  I am hoping that this might be happening already, but I am not yet good at recalling my dreams.  I am finding that if I don’t write them down immediately I’ll lose them to the day.  And of course I’m not waking up during every period of REM sleep like would happen in a sleep lab, which would help me remember them.  I hope to get better at this as I research dreams this fall/winter.

Interesting tidbit from my research so far:  Apparently most dreaming occurs during REM phase of sleep, but night terrors happen during NON-REM sleep.  Seems very strange and something I will look into more.  I’m sure that will figure into the novel…one thing I am interested in is the dream abnormalities of people with Parkinson’s (and maybe schizophrenia) — since both of them act out abnormally during sleep and both seem to, at times, be dreaming while awake. Hallucinating.



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