Carnivore Dreams Day Eighteen


-Four cans sparkling LaCroix

-Filtered water


-Organic coffee with heavy cream


– Carnivore casserole (recipe below)

–  Three slices uncured bacon

6:30 p.m.:

10 oz. ribeye steak

(No  supplements, though I took plenty on Keto.  Most Carnivore enthusiasts recommend nothing.  My concerns are vitamins D, C, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  I should get some of that from bone broth and liver.)

Carnivore  Casserole:  I was hungry the last couple days, a bit bored, and I like to cook.  So I threw half pound of ground pork into a medium cast iron skillet with a touch of bacon grease.  Mixed up six eggs, 2 T heavy cream, half cup whatever grated cheese strikes your fancy.  Salt and pepper to taste.  After pork is browned, pour egg mixture over it, add another quarter cup or so grated cheese and bake at 375 for 15 minutes.  Feeds 2 hungry carnivores, looks pretty.  Left over it smacks of cold pizza.  I had a bit left over.

I will be experimenting next week with a liver meatloaf (hate liver, so will add a lot of ground beef and pork.) And an egg.

I had a few slices of bacon along with my casserole.

I have bone broth simmering from New York strip steaks.  The key to get good gelatin is to just barely cover them with water and simmer them slowly 24 hours.  Barely bubbling.  Then cool it in refrigerator.  I like to skim some of the major fat off, just too much for me.

Observations:  Reminder that I plan to have my blood work done the last week in Nov.  Reminder that I am a person with low blood sugar, very low blood pressure, low triglycerides, appropriate weight or at least not overweight, but high cholesterol.  My HDL number can be as high as 95, my particle size large though numerous (controversial).  My ratios are all great, my c-reactive protein very low.  My total cholesterol can be as high as 330, usually about 285.  I won’t let them put me on statins.  I have Hashimotos thyroid disease so the only medication I take is levothyroxine.  I was on a ketogenic diet the last three months and lost 15 pounds, two more on Carnivore (weigh in and photos Monday).  I’m down to my last 3-5 pounds.  Before that, I’ve eaten basically paleo/close to Keto so that may account for higher cholesterol numbers.  I am not convinced those numbers are wrong.  My doctor isn’t alternative, but has always been open to my different eating ideas.

Physical observation:  No breast tenderness or lumps.  I’ve always had fibroids and they seem to be going away.  I’ve reduced in that area as well as all over, but even when I’ve been thin in the past, I’ve had fibrous breasts.   Also, my dentist talked me into capping a few front teeth, cutting back my gums and I have had trouble healing.  I was hoping this would solve that problem, but so far, they are improving only very slowly, flaring now and then despite brushing, flossing and rinsing.  I’m still hopeful.

It’s hard to focus on the benefits today since I have mice scrabbling around in my walls and a half dead one hiding behind a baseboard here.  My dog, Maggie, is keeping an eye on it, but don’t want her to eat it chuck full of d-con.  We’ve tried more humane ways of dispatching them/catching them, but nothing else works.  This is hard enough.  Need my husband to fill some holes again, get some traps in the attic.  Not a happy camper here today.  Such is life off the grid.  At least I am not rewiring circuits or dealing with inverter/battery/generator issues (more on that tomorrow).

Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of our solar/battery/inverter arrangement and talk about energy–mine  –and what it takes to run the camp off the grid.

Today has been frustrating.  Mice and QuickBooks.  Today was my day to catch up on a couple month’s of bookwork for our rental property–every couple months QuickBooks changes the frickin’ passwords and you have to spend two hours on the phone at the end of which they assure us the passwords won’t change.  They do.   And you can’t change them because the registration numbers and all they give you won’t work.  Good thing they are long distance.

Argh.   I hear more suspicious noises at the other end of the house.  I can’t wait for my husband to arrive.  I’m not good at dispatching mice or filling holes up high.  I wish you a more pleasant day than mine sans invaders.  I’ll do some yoga/stretching here and try to smooth out.

Dreams:  Dreams, of course, are stories, or they are fragments of stories, movies if you will, visual stories.  They are poetic in that they suggest images and storylines more than novelic. At least for the most part.  They can lack plot but they never lack “story.”  They are a cornucopia of visual details amid snippets.  As a writer who leaves out irrelevant detail, dreams are up my alley.

 We all have “stories” we present to the world that may or may not accurately reflect reality.  The old postmodern idea that there really is no objective truth of any kind.  What is more true? Our perception of reality?  Or an objective reality that may not exist at all?  What I do know is that our dream world contributes to the stories we form about ourselves and those we tell to the world.

When I went into labor, my mother dreamed (or was ‘”told”) my son would have Down Syndrome.  She relayed this to my brother ahead of time.  She has passed on.  In my lifetime I’ve had a lot of recurring dreams.  The most notable is that I dream about comedians:  Tim Allen and Steve Martin most, but many more.  I wrote about this in a bizarre short story once.  But dreams fascinate me, there are so many aspects to them:  prophetic, creative, cathartic, problem-solving, telepathic.  Mental illness and diseases like Parkinson’s, brain damage, all change the nature of dreams.

My comedians usually adore me, not always.  The dreams are rarely overtly sexual, mostly bizarre.  Like when Steve Martin wouldn’t come out from under the desk because he didn’t want to have sex with me (I wanted him to fix my oven).  And another dream about him where he had moved into our neighborhood and his lawn had all slipped off into the road.  He thought this was my fault; I did, too.  But most of them like me.  They always make me laugh–the true key to my heart.  Wish fulfillment: like when I dream I am eating pastries and wake to realize I’ve adhered to my Carnivore diet, and realized the dream was enough!

No specific dream last night!


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