Carnivore Dreams Day Nineteen

Energy post:  My body and my environment


-3 Cans sparkling LaCroix

-Organic coffee and heavy cream – four cups

1 p.m.:

-3 Pieces uncured bacon

-4 p.m.:

-Cup of beef bone broth

7:00 –

-12 oz. grass fed ribeye


My energy:  I would say overall my energy has been better than on Keto and certainly better than on paleo.  I am not sure if this because my protein intake has increased by at least 15% or if this is due to not having reactions to plants.  This is with no supplements presently.  I do intend to add vitamin D and K2 and possibly calcium/magnesium in the end of Nov.  See how those affect me  After blood work. This week, I’ve been a little low on energy. Just a touch, but it’s been a stressful week or so getting my father to Florida and the invader issue (mice all over my house).  But I don’t think it’s the diet.  I haven’t really watched calories at all, but it seems I am usually below 1500 calories, most days.  I eat when I’m hungry and enough to satisfy.  I’ve rarely been hungry, yet yesterday I was, so I filled in with an egg/sausage casserole with cheese, some extra bone broth, and just extra calories, more like 1700-1800 calories yesterday. Today, I am not overly hungry and have good energy.

Closely tied to energy for me is mood.  This is an incredible change.  I do not wake up with a foreboding, an impending feeling of doom.  Off and on during the day, I have a sense of well-being, at times almost euphoria, despite a trying few days.  This is nothing to sneeze at!

I continue to sleep well.

Stomach acted up a bit which has been perfect–makes me wonder a bit about bone broth.  I know it can be a problem.  Taking collagen as a supplement definitely bothers me.  Will skip it until Monday and see.

The pictures above show the solar panels which charge the battery pack here at camp (unless we have no sun at all and I have to run the generator for a few hours).  The yellow inverter converts the juice to A.C.  The battery pack right now consists of ten golf cart batteries. They will need replacing soon since we’ve had them six years and we will likely go with at least twelve next time.  We also want to add more solar on the east and west side of the property for fall and early winter.  The trees are so tall we don’t get enough juice in the fall.  The roof isn’t an option due to the amount of snow–just too hard to clear panels.

How much juice to make the world-go-round here off the grid?   Well, when you have a screen on your inverter telling you how much juice you are using—and when you know you need a good full-sun day to get you through without the generator—you are aware of every unit of energy you use.  For instance, it takes between 1 and 2 amps to run one light bulb which works out to be about 24 watts/bulb. The Hughesnet which enables me to research and teach online surprisingly uses a mere 3 amps and is left on most of the time since it takes a long time to reboot the system.   The biggest draws are the Microwave at 154 amps and the hair dryer at 146 followed by the toaster at 78.  Surprisingly, the vacuum cleaner draws only 88—a lot, though I expected it to be much more.  The mixer, juicer, blender and coffee grinder aren’t so bad at 18, 16, 14, and 6 respectively, the garbage disposal uses a mere 11 amps.  You figure out ways to grill bread over the propane griddle, use cordless vacuums a lot.   My bug zappers and small vacuums use a surprisingly 1 amp each (thank God).   The big overhead fans use about 3 amps a piece (but this is a continuous draw and those are what get you).  The TV with DirecTV dish is the biggest consumptor drawing 8-10 continuous amps (even with the energy saver TV and the brightness and contrast dialed down to 10), so I unplug one of them at all times and don’t watch TV until evening and sometimes not then.  Run water and turn on the pump for any length of time and you’re looking at 75 continuous amps; the stove when the igniter comes on uses about 40 amps.  This means I don’t water the garden much and I often grill outside or use the stovetop to boil potatoes rather than baking them.

It’s a challenge.

Dreams:  No Mom or Nanna though I continue to invoke them nightly.  One small dream I was handing something to my son, Joshua.  It was foggy and drizzling and he doesn’t like drops on his head.  Probably a short dream night as I as up watching the World Series until all hours.  They shouldn’t have taken J.D out so early…


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