Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-One


(Note:  my son, Josh, and husband, Dick, are on a ketogenic diet, so they get to have celery.  I don’t!)

It’s hard to believe this is day twenty-one on this diet, it’s been so effortless.  I woke early today for me, a bit before 9.  (I am a night person, something always regarded by my father as a moral failing.  I read recently that smarter and creative people tend to be night people–vindication!  Who knows if that’s true.  I just know I ponder and write down creative ideas at night, a “dreamy” sort of pursuit, then write  down ideas/revise in the morning.)   We need to get wings disjointed and ready to spice–I like to fast until half-time.  Spices might be a no-no, but on game day, I disregard this.  My spice mixture has chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne, salt, pepper, and a bit of oregano.  I spice on the heavy side (cayenne on the heavy side as well).


-3 Cans Sparkling water LaCroix

-2 glasses filtered water


-4 cups black coffee

Game Day, 2:30 p.m.:

-10 baked and spiced chicken wings

-Natural Turkey Jerky

-6 oz. sautéed shrimp in butter sauce

7:00 p.m. –

-1/4 cup heavy cream with touch of Lactaid milk


I want to catch up on my workout I skipped last two days.  We stoke the fire, though, and get my coffee steeping in the French press, check for mouse scat (not sure, but think a slight bit still–today we plug holes and put d-con in attic–wish something more humane would work here, but you can’t imagine the hoards of mice we get at camp).

The tv will be on early today, so the generator is necessary on this cloudy day.  Lions, then Packers, then Vikings.  Bears play same time we do.  Optimistic Lions pundits claim we can be in first place at the end of the day–that would be a good day.

I spice both sides of wings, then bake them 25 minutes at 400 degrees.  The trick is to get them to stick to the cookie sheet, then turn them for another 20 minutes or so.  A bit of maple sugar adds to carmelization but I skip that on today on carnivore diet.   I like crispy skin.  I will throw the shrimp in some butter sauce during the final twenty minutes of baking wings.

It’s a good day.  I start it counting a blessing–my husband fighting the mice, rototilling the garden, stacking my wood.  Tuning the snow blower. I’d likely be hoeing by hand, paying to have wood delivered, stacking it myself, and calling an exterminator.  Though he has a few other redeeming characteristics–at least these days–as age has mellowed us both.

I get caught up on the workout–don’t like doing it Sunday since that’s my day of relaxation, but I get it done.  As I sip coffee, I reflect on the diet.  I can imagine my future may include alternating months–one month keto with veggies–one month carnivore–the rest of my life.  Though I will add vegetables very judiciously and slowly so I can see what agrees with me, possibly one/week.  I suspect I do ok with plain romaine lettuce and broccoli.  After that, it will be interesting.  I will also add blueberries back in during that month.  But I hope I can tolerate them since I love vegetables.  Tom  Brady avoids nightshades, so that means no cayenne pepper or jalapenos.  No Mexican food.  During Keto I have some fabulous low carb tortillas I actually like better, with a net 4 carbs, so hope I don’t find peppers and tomatoes to be a problem.  Like my tacos. I am not much for eggplant really.  I love spicy food.  But I can wait.  The drool hasn’t yet started to dribble down my chin in anticipation since the improvement in my health (and mood) are worth the sacrifice so far.

I write this early as I’ll be embroiled in sports today, a state of mind that is not conducive to writing.  But I wish you healthy eating and a lovely, restful  Sunday.  GO LIONS.

Dreams: So far in this experiment, I do believe I am having some success in lucid dreaming.  I am aware I’m in a dream, seem to be able to extend them some, guide them some.  However, I have had no luck influencing the subject initially, even though I have been invoking my mother and grandmother nightly.  I am certain this will happen eventually, though.  If it does, it will not be coincidental since I have not remembered a dream about them in years.  I seem to dream a lot about houses as characters, not backdrops, comedians still, old boyfriends.

Fallacy:  I once dreamed I stepped off a cliff with my husband in a white wedding dress wearing black shoes (the subconscious possibilities of that are astounding).  I don’t know what happened to him, but I landed and walked off.  They always claimed if landed, you’d die.  Previously, I always awoke before landing in falling or flying dreams.  But I didn’t die.  I bounced sort of lightly, then walked off.  It was a troubled time in our marriage.  It seems I survived but not sure about him!  🙂

Last night, I remember a scene early on with a row of hundreds of police cars lined up, like the scene in Smokey and the Bandit.  A scene I’m sure they borrowed from the old westerns where thousands of Indians arrive on horse back at the top of hill.   Not sure if they might represent the “policing” of my diet.  I can’t remember the context.  They were all black and white squad cars, all the same, like in the old days.  Quite a sight.  I don’t remember thinking they were after me, just that I was an observer. It actually might have to do with that commercial they just started playing with  Jerry Reed singing the theme song of Smokey–on all the sports channels.  Who knows.

Also earlier, I remember dreaming about another old boyfriend, but cannot recall the context.

Later, right before waking, I dreamed I was working for my friend Karen’s sister who is an ophthalmologist.  Only I worked part of the day at the office, part of it in her home, as a personal assistant.  This is not a job I would hanker after in real life.  I remember her home, sprawling type ranch home, fancy, though the specifics escape me now.  Her husband was there putting in his two cents which neither of us seemed to appreciate.  Though he was not her husband in real life.  I wonder about “vision” and what I might be wrestling with here.

I sometimes dream in vivid color, but since I’ve started this experiment, my dreams seem to be devoid of bright colors and perhaps devoid of some visual detail, yet I seem to be more aware I’m dreaming, trying to see (which of course, I’m hoping to get my mother and grandmother to show up, so perhaps it represents my lack of clarity, the yearning).  However, it’s a nice feeling to exist in this alternate universe and I’m aware of my dream life as if it is this oasis.  I rarely have nightmares anymore, (though I do), perhaps, due to the enormous dream catcher over my bed.

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