Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Three–Halloween Paranormal Dreams

Breakfast Bacon

Happy Halloween!  I’m working all day on my paranormal post: dreams and other experiences.  This will come tomorrow!

Exercise is done, wood hauled, and bacon is sizzling on my stove.  It’s chilly and gloomy again.  Little sun these days, but I stoke the fire, and sip my lovely French pressed coffee. My favorite time of the day, the reason giving up coffee may not be possible for me ever. I think about the coming day’s research and about a revision plan (and new publisher ideas)  I have for my wood-fire cookbook/memoir if my publisher doesn’t accept it soon…

I felt achy and congested a little last night and was afraid I might be coming down with something.  Not sure about that, but I feel content writing this in front of my stove.  My plan, since exercise is over, is to have breakfast and wrap some Christmas presents in order to determine how much wrapping paper I still need.  Tomorrow is my 35 minute trip to town for groceries and odds and ends.  I’ll be nearly done with wrapping this week as Christmas is lean this year.  I like it all done by Thanksgiving latest and it appears I’ll be ahead of schedule.

Workout:  I do a Warrior-made workout three times/week.  It requires no equipment and is a full body workout that (along with my diet) has resulted in my building more muscle than I maybe ever have when isolating muscles.  All these exercises use multiple muscle groups combined with an aerobic, higher intensity workout.  I am still doing the Beginner workouts.  I spend $300/year for this, but can take the workouts with me everywhere I go.  They include a ketogenic type diet practices with recipes.  They actually answer emails and do live group functions.  “Coach Tyler” who is a bit annoying sends pep talk emails daily that actually seem to help you focus, remind you to exercise and to be grateful.  I obviously am not doing the ketogenic diet presently, but these people really have, in my opinion, the key to a healthy lifestyle.

I cook bacon many days and I save the bacon grease so I can cook my steaks or eggs in it.  I keep a jar in my fridge all the time.  I also use butter but it has a much lower smoke point.  These are the only fats I use on Carnivore.  On Keto I also use olive oil.  A bit of MCT oil.  Coconut oil doesn’t seem to agree with me.

My son Josh has moved from a Paleo diet to Keto during this experiment.  I am not noticing much difference in his health or bloating so far, so it may be that he needs to try carnivore, too.  I’m less confident trying this diet with others.


–3 Cans Sparkling water La Croix

-Two glasses filtered water (both spread throughout the day/evening)


Organic coffee with heavy cream

1:30 p.m.:

-Two scrambled eggs

-Four slices uncured bacon (I was hungry today and felt I needed some energy)


-12 oz. grass fed New York strip steak – medium rare

I have to fill in with sales of steaks locally here in my town since total grass-fed is out of my price range.  I’ll get some tomorrow.

Observations:  Felt slightly under the weather and achy last night suddenly, but feel ok so far today and had energy when I exercised.  I thought I had just five pounds to lose when I switched to carnivore from Keto, but I may  have a few more than I thought–though I have no weight loss goal, just a fitness one.  I suspect my body composition will change and weight loss will slow down even more.  But we’ll see.

I wish you a great Tuesday and pleasant dreams.

Dreams: I am reading about Freud.  He should have been psycho-analyzed for his over-inflated ego!  He essentially took credit for any dream research to date before he wrote The Interpretation of Dreams, then declared his work “settled science” essentially.  No one could contribute to it after him.  Ah, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.  Right.  A common malady for those promoting any theory, it seems.  He excommunicated Jung for daring to disagree with him on some of his conclusions.  Still, he’s interesting.  But I have always found Jung fascinating on so many levels.  I am a Jungian.  I’ll be studying him in more detail next…

I know I had lots of dreams, but can’t recall them today.

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