Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Four -Paranormal post

I hand grind my beans today with my burr hand coffee grinder, a superior way to grind.  It takes ten damn minutes, but I’m sure burns a few calories.  It provides a much more even grind, which the coffee aficionados claim makes a difference in that perfect cup of coffee.  Give it a try.  Hand burr grinders are not too pricey. Coffee is a plant, of course, and the hard core carnivore types only eat ribeyes and water, but coffee and tea are “acceptable” along with all other meats/fish and some low carb dairy.

It’s amazing how much I look forward to that first cup of coffee, the smell of the grind, that first sip in front of my wood stove– today, particularly lovely in the woods.  Sun again.  Twice lately.  Be still my  heart!  It will be a good day to make the run to town, a good 35 minute trip one way.  I think I heard them grading the roads yesterday, so maybe I won’t get sucked into a mud hole!

But for now, I am savoring my cup.  John Gierach (fishing guru) says coffee and whiskey taste better out of a tin cup and he might be right, because coffee tastes the best to me out of my stainless travel mug.

Well, here are my stats for the day (and my dream report) and I wish you a most happy Halloween!  Happy birthday to my friends Kevin and Karen and my niece Jenn!  Popular day to be born!


-3 Cans Sparkling LaCroix

-1 glass filtered water


-Black organic coffee — second cup in travel mug, laced with heavy cream

-6:00  12 oz. Roasted chicken (mostly a fast day today–I plan to get a whole fast day in this Tuesday.  I’ve done fewer since starting carnivore, but still want to do one every few weeks, a full 24 hours).

Observations:  Continued improvements on skin, gut, hair, nails, energy.  I did feel a bit achy last two days, but felt a bit like I was fighting a cold and maybe winning.  So will monitor those symptoms.  I have a disc problem in my back, and cysts, and those has been much better since I’ve started Keto/carnivore.  Acting up slightly, so need to be careful hauling this wood!

Dreams:  When I was fifteen years old I was writing a report on John Quincy Adams. We decided, my friends and I, to hold a séance.  We all saw this figure against my barn door as we held the event in my tack room of the barn.  Just this month, tracing my family history, I discovered John Adams (and Quincy) were fairly close cousins, both of us having descended from Henry Adams of Braintree.   I also had a very unnerving experience with a Ouija Board and never touched it again.  Speaker identified itself with some eastern sounding name and declared itself “God.”  My mother knew somehow my son would be born with Down Syndrome, the day before, a fact confirmed from my brother who said she told him ahead of time.  It’s clear to me that one of three things are true:  Either there is a spirit world (leaving out the controversy about entities of good and evil); there are alternate universes we are experiencing at times ; or the past/present/future all exist at once and some are more in tune with present and past events than others.  (The latter two are substantiated by physics.)  Often these paranormal or prophetic happenings occur during dreams.

These are only the major strange things that happened in my lifetime.  There are dozens of times I knew something was going t happen –my mother was dying before she had a major stroke; knowing I was going to see or hear from people I hadn’t in years, etc.

It’s hard to draw a distinction between a coincidental dream and a “visitation” from someone, or a prediction in many cases.

I have just started researching Jung.  Really looking forward to that since I’ve always been a big synchronicity girl.  I think studying him will aid in my lucid dreaming experiments and evaluating the paranormal.  Even Freud didn’t rule it out.  So check in in the next couple days for that.

I dreamed something, but couldn’t remember what.  Though it seemed to be about the border and immigration–you’d think all those idiots could fix that problem finally and both sides would stop using these people to campaign which is all they are doing.  So tiresome.   (I’m an independent social liberal/fiscal conservative conservationist and they all annoy me.)  So this is as political as I am going to get on these posts.  The only reason I mention it at all is that it was in my dreams!  We need reprieves from politics.  All of us.  Somewhere to go where we can just be human beings and recognize the humanity in each other.

Meditation is a good place to go, and I recommend a walk in the woods!

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