Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Five


This week complements my dream project.  I have been watching spooky stories (not horror stories)  the last week: Hocus Pocus, Bell, Book & Candle, Practical Magic, A Haunting in Saginaw Michigan, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Salem Witch Trials, The Canterville Ghost. Though I do like some horror stories, like Stephen King’s 1408 with John Kusack.  The best horror story ever written in my opinion.  The Wizard of Oz was always my favorite movie growing up. But I am drawn to the thought-provoking , not blood and gore.  Writers who first attracted me to the writing profession were Oscar Wilde (Picture of Dorian Gray, Canterville Ghost), and Edgar Allan Poe. House of Usher, The Raven.  Mary Shelley.  Frankenstein.  Stevenson.  Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.  Dickens (A Christmas Carol.)

Sliding Doors. The Lake House.

I have never been one for organized religion. But one must believe in things other than what meets the eye (even if one believes only in the far branches of physics and quantum mechanics:  alternate universes, theory of relativity and our misconception of Time, black holes –or even spirituality) to navigate life the way I do.  It takes faith to try a diet as unconventional as this or pursue research like I’m presently pursuing.  Faith to put a foot in front of the other, to take pen to paper.  It took real faith to believe I could become a writer.   I’m not sure what is behind everything out there, spirituality or science, or some combination of both (the most likely) but I do know things exist on another plane.  Things we cannot explain.

I am certain our dreams figure in all this, though they are not often or necessarily connected by the powers that be.  To the contrary, those who believe in the paranormal often feel it necessary to draw a distinction between it and our dreams.  And scientists who study dreams usually discount the supernatural (but not always).   I maintain our dream-world is where we are most in touch with “it,” with our “souls” or with ourselves in a parallel universe, or with ourselves in some other time in space.  Or ourselves with “others” like us.  We get glimpses of being free in our dreams–like our “souls” would be. It has never made sense to me (as most of those in organized religion would imply) that any contact or belief in the paranormal is a fraternization with the devil.  Too much good happens that is unexplained in this other world.  I don’t rule out evil, but I doubt it is personified, and I don’t believe it can triumph over good.

It also makes sense to me (as it did to Einstein and Jung) that spirituality and science must complement one another because they are both part of the whole.  Instead, mankind has always been inclined to polarize on matters of any consequence, as if there can be no veracity about anything unless there is someone or something to oppose.  It never occurs to them that it’s likely a balance.  And that nobody has these things right.  Or that all of it is necessary.

Einstein spoke often of faith and its place in science.

Those who discount that dreams can be connected to the paranormal or to the soul point out that animals dream.  Yet I’ve heard stories that animals often detect the presence of the supernatural as we do, sometimes before we do, so I don’t see this as significant.  They also clearly exist on different planes.  Seems hubris to think we do and they don’t.

I hope you had a lovely Halloween week, the kick off to the holidays–if you celebrate any of it.  If not, I wish you a lovely week anyway.

I start my research on Jung today, thinking of all this, sipping my coffee in front of roaring fire (it’s gotten a bit chillier).


-3 cans Sparkling LaCroix

-2 Glasses filtered water

-Pot of organic coffee/half Swiss water process decaf

-heavy cream

1 p.m.:

-3 slices uncured bacon

6 p.m:

-14 oz. New York strip steak, medium rare

-can of smoked oysters, drained

Observations:  Exercise day.  Went well despite the fact I was up late watching movies and felt a little foggy headed because of it.  Another remarkable thing:  After the first week, I have had no headaches.  I’ve been prone to migraine, and more often in later years.  More than two weeks headache free or what might be called the slightest nag of one.  Nothing full blown.  Monday on weigh-in day, I’ll recap all the physical/mental changes.  My eyesight has improved, for one.

Dreams:  I’ll have much to report tomorrow on Carl Jung.  I continue to believe my diet may impact not only my health, but my dreams.

Last night was my first “bad” dream since I began my diet.  I dreamed I was at a basketball game, outside, and this famous person came in I can’t identify.  The players hoisted him to their shoulders and he shot the basketball from there while the crowd sitting in outside bleacher stands clapped and roared.  Then my daughter appeared covered in mud and my son-in-law said she’d been to see Barbara Streisand with his mother (my mother still eludes me in my dreams) and that it had been a bad experience.  She hadn’t been good for some reason. Next thing I knew my daughter was having some kind of heart problem, and they had to use the paddle to right her heart beat.  Though I seem to just know this happened, not that I experienced watching it in the dream.  She is the only member in my family presently (besides me) without a major health challenge.  So this would constitute a bad dream.  I was trying to get the mud off her legs, but the paper towel I had was dry and the mud was dry, too.  As I was doing this, we were sitting at a picnic table eating something I wasn’t interested in.  I wanted to get her to a doctor for a follow-up evaluation.  She didn’t seem in immediate danger and she herself seemed unconcerned.

Drop me a note and let me know what you think, what you eat, what you love, what you dream.

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