Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Six – Carl Jung


Carl Jung

So here he is.  Someone who has always fascinated me.  The research I’m doing right now deals just with dreams.  Before I go on, I think I’ll research his ideas on synchronicity.  He was truly an open-minded psychiatrist, psychoanalyst who closed his mind to nothing, unlike Freud that egomaniac who reminds me of too many people these days–who think things are settled and they know everything.  They filter everything through the prism of a preconceived life view, usually political.  Instead of taking things an issue at a time.  Evaluating it critically and moving forward.    Freud filtered every analysis through the preconceived idea that all dreams were sexual (almost all) and about wish fulfillment.  Anybody who disagreed with him “couldn’t accept authority” — his of course.   Jung took each person and each dream on its own merits.

Cooler today–the fire is most welcome as I work.  I’m low on propane, I see.  That means I’ll need to turn off the house overnight which I like to do anyay (I can switch the whole thing off with the inverter), and read Agatha Christie on my charged Kindle, or Ghost Writers, a collection of literary writers writing on the paranormal.  Propane company comes today.  Not sure how I got so low here.  It is charging the batteries this time of year with little solar that uses most of the juice since I must run a generator a couple hours/day.  I don’t need propane for heat at night and I like the idea of limiting EMF’s during sleep.  I wear a sleep mask since I have a battery light in the room –otherwise, it is pitch black here.  But need to conserve juice to watch the Lions on Sunday…

Today I need to clean house and exercise, wait for the propane guys.


-1 can Sparkling water LaCroix

-2 glasses filtered water

-Pot of mostly decaf organic Swiss water process coffee

-Heavy cream

1 p.m:

-Three slices uncured bacon (this happens to be Butcherbox)

-One egg

6 p.m.:

14 oz. New York strip steak medium rare

4 oz. sautéed shrimp in butter, maybe a touch of garlic

**Three slices bacon at 11 p.m. and handfuls of cheese (I got hungry last night)

Observations:  Again, will enumerate them Monday on weigh in day, but most notable:  no major headaches or stomachaches, I go to the bathroom much better, I see better, I sleep better, and my mood is better. Much better.  No heart racing, good energy.  I am not sure yet how the diet has affected my dreams.  I thought possibly they had been slightly less imaginative, but last night was closer to my usual dream patterns.

Dreams:  I had a lot, I know.  One was very odd.  I was going to the bathroom and someone started hammering on the door with such urgency, I answered it, which caused me to have an accident on the floor.  Which I then had to clean up. Never had a dream remotely like this one.  Hm.  Am I not taking care of my own needs?  Even the most basic ones?  At times, probably not.  With so many health challenges of others and a handicapped son I take care of full time.  But  now that I’m not working, it’s manageable.  I will think more about this dream.

Then I dreamed about this mule type creature who climbed up this mountain butte (Actually there was no room at the top of it so that he had to nearly put all four feet in one spot).  He looked and acted like Eyeore.  But he was perched there triumphantly.  Then suddenly he/she? toppled off to the ground and was immediately sexually assaulted in the grass, the mule in the traditional position of a woman, though not sure that is the right word since he/she seemed happy about the whole thing.  They were in the sexual position of humans, not horses.  This is another dream I’ll have to consider quite a while.  How did I relate to this horse-like creature and why/how did I understand it was happy about all this?  Did this mule represent me in some way?  And why a mule?  As a horse lover and owner, I had disdain for mules and donkeys sort of.  And of COURSE, a mule can’t reproduce, so what did this sexual act mean?  I have had a hysterectomy and am old.  Do I consider myself asexual now?  Does it bother me?  Was there some idea that this unusual sexual act actually resulted in fertilization?

I dream about houses as characters, not just settings for dreams, and Jung seems to think at least some of the time a house represents the self.  At times, anyway.

I’ve also been thinking about my immigration dream of several days ago.  I’m wondering if it as a political thing at all and maybe instead represented the barriers I have for reinventing my writing career.  I’ve been on the fence about writing more for a commercial market.  Perhaps I’m seeking asylum.  Or need to get over the mind barrier that writing this way is somehow inferior.  I’ve never quite fit in the university/literary market.

I’ve been invoking my mother and grandmother(s).  Still no dreams about them, but I could feel my mother close to me last night as I drifted off to sleep.  First time in a long time.  Not my grandmothers so much.

Have you experimented with lucid dreaming?  Participating in your dreams as you realize they are dreams?  Do you consider your dreams part of a relevant human experience or are they mostly irrelevant biological happenstances to you?  Something to be shrugged off and dismissed?

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