Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Seven


If you’re looking for a holiday present for folks and live in Michigan, some great writing in this anthology.  I’m lucky enough to be included in here with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Jim Harrison, Jack Driscoll and many more fabulous Michigan writers.

Today I sip coffee and wait for the propane company to arrive to be sure I have no leak–my gauge is dipping down faster than is expected.  They will need to fill me up.   And it’s game day.  But as I wait, I take stock.  The coffee is dark and rich, like usual, comforting, though I have felt off balance slightly this week.  I have a big decision to make in the next couple weeks about the direction I will take my writing.  Weighing on me some.  Am looking for some guidance– in my dreams, from my mother maybe.  From the powers that be.  Happy Sunday, all.  Drop a note and tell me if you’re experimenting with your diet or your dreams.  I’ll have some fascinating stuff to post on Monday. GO LIONS.


-3 cans Sparkling water LaCroix

-pot of half cut organic coffee

1 p.m.

-Two slices uncured bacon

-Two eggs

6:30 p.m.:

-Ten game day wings


The sun is shining today and I’ll get a quick walk in before my chores.  My mood is up.  Weigh-in, more detail on Monday!

Dreams: I dreamt about skittles first, then later that my son John (in culinary school) owned a restaurant and he was serving some kind of lamb gyros maybe, huge sandwiches.  I wanted to taste them.  There was some kind of salad my husband was eating I wanted to try as well, but woke before I could partake.  I had been extra hungry the last few nights, maybe from not eating enough during the day.  Yet I didn’t wake feeling inclined to go off my diet.  In fact, I’m looking forward to a fast day on Tuesday.


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