Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Nine Weigh In-Check-In

This post slightly late so I can weigh in and take pics.  Four weeks, 29 days, on Carnivore, and a little less of overall fat.  More shape to the face, a little less neck, less puffiness, down 117 1/2 pounds.  That would be 122 or so dressed on my doctor’s scales.  Only down 1/2 pound from a week ago, but I feel thinner and more toned.  I think it will take the whole month to lose the last three-four pounds.  I also suspect my body composition will continue to change and weight loss will level out.

I have leftover wings and shrimp and carnivore casserole for today so nothing exciting to report on the food front.   Some uncured bacon.  Usual good water and coffee.  It’s bookwork day for me and exercise.  So will concentrate today on my observations and weight and all that.  I’m working on a post for tomorrow about my writing and some unnerving happenings.  I’ve been sorting all this the last week.  But for today, just the facts, ma’am.

Observations:  Fewer headaches and no major ones; less bloating and stomach pain, very little; overall better trips to the bathroom; skin quality much nicer; mood overall much better (and even able to handle a trying week here); less tinnitus in left ear, almost gone; better eyesight; slight tremor in left hand when using it gone completely; better muscle tone , better definition, overall good energy; less heart racing or skipping beats.  Better sleep, easier waking.  Hair and nails at least as good or better–was worried about  my hair.  My eyelashes seem fuller and I might be growing back some eyebrows.  I feel more focused, less brain fog. No allergy symptoms.  I have disc problems and that has been much better, though not gone completely.  On keto, I was drinking a glass of milk daily which helps my back and have been drinking a bit less if any on carnivore.  Haven’t concluded yet whether my back is really better or worse.  Overall since starting keto and all, better.  Exercises seem to provide more support for my back.  It isn’t hard to stay on the diet.  I don’t crave junk food.

Negatives:  Dishes are greasier to clean up always.  It obviously takes a bit more cooking, but I like that.  I tend toward constipation and when things back up I get pain on the right side.  This usually is a daily occurrence for me, but have had no trouble with it until last day.  It is almost time for a fast day — tomorrow I plan one.  That usually takes care of it.  I felt a bit less “up” the last couple days, mood wise, (because at times I felt almost euphoric) but I’m dealing with some work issues.  Will be writing about that shortly and I’ll monitor the last day’s less than perfect results to see if they linger.  Overall, it’s been so much better, so will see how things go forward.  I have a full month left on the diet before blood work which will be the last week in Nov.  I have always had some cramps in my toes and still do, though maybe slightly better.  I have not added magnesium or any supplements, but may be adding vitamin D, magnesium, K2 in a month, if not a bit of calcium.  We’ll see.  I get some negative reactions from people like my father–I eat weird.  Of course, that is to be expected since I certainly am not eating conventionally.  I don’t recommend everyone do this, I am just reporting what has been happening to me.

One observation is that I tend to crave red meat more than chicken or fish now.  Must be more nutrients in it.  I use a few spices on chicken wings and they might bother me a bit. Otherwise, I’ve used just salt and pepper. I have eaten some smoked oysters and a liver meatloaf.  Some eggs, cheese.  Lots of bacon.

As a reminder, I am a person with very low blood pressure, low triglycerides, low blood sugar, moderate/low weight for my age.  I don’t carry much weight in the middle.   I have high cholesterol but my good cholesterol can be as high as 90 and I have a large particle size.  My ratios though have always been excellent.  I take no prescription drugs except thyroid medicines since I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  I have a lot of allergies.  I’m not expecting this diet to improve overall cholesterol numbers.  But hoping nothing gets much worse.  I will be checking overall nutrition, vitamin D levels, c-reactive protein and other inflammation markers.

Are you experimenting with diet and if so, which one?  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Dreams:  Today is bookwork, so no research or little, later in the day.

I dreamed I was sipping heavy cream out of a little cordial glass.  And I dreamed something else I can’t remember.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty-Nine Weigh In-Check-In

  1. Hi Jim, I gave up gluten long ago. (Pretty much) Not hard on a carnivore diet! On Keto, I would cheat now and then with a low-carb tortilla shell. I don’t know that it’s cured my Hashimoto’s but it has seemed to help me feel better overall. I’m not sure I can ever get off thyroid meds. But they are the only ones I have to take so far! Thanks for posting. I’m sure it will be helpful to others!

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