Carnivore Dreams – Revision plan Day Thirty-Two

I got up early and posted the earlier post about heading to Green Bay to see my daughter and grand son.  I hadn’t planned to leave until noon since she won’t be done teaching early, but as I sit here watching it snow and after having looked up the forecast (3-5 tomorrow and snow every day for a week), I chickened out.  Instead I’m enlisting my husband to come up from downstate for the weekend to help deal with it.  (We still have rental property in lower Michigan and he builds decks part time).   If I leave here for four days with all this snow I may not get back in here.  The pictures don’t show it snowing very well on my little phone, but it is.  So instead I pour myself another cup of coffee and contemplate a revised weekend plan.

Next weekend looks better for travel, so even though it’s close to Thanksgiving and they come this way then, I may head out.  I’ll miss my daughter’s school concert tomorrow (she teaches band).

Today, then, feels like a snow day back in school.  A day you throw another log on the fire and hunker down and think about how life throws curve balls.  Wonder if you have enough provisions to make it a day or so–I think so.

Curve balls:  I received a note this morning from good friends of ours in Alabama–Larry just got a prostate cancer diagnosis and he is about to have surgery.  Having just gone through some of this with my son (testicular), it feels too familiar.  Yet I feel certain he will be okay.  We will see them this March as we head to  Florida together for a few weeks.

Happy snow day!

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