Carnivore Diet Day Thirty-Four – taking stock

It’s day thirty four today and a good day to contemplate my results so far.   Will get to that shortly.   I think about this as I sip my coffee and watch it snow…I should be in Green Bay playing with my grandson, but I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and winter has arrived early.  We had snow on the ground in October this year for a bit.  But the forecast sounded ominous for the next week/ten days and I need to keep up with the accumulation–we don’t close down our residence until the first week in January when we spend a couple months at our apartments downstate, then travel a bit to places warm and sunny.  Instead of me being in Green Bay today, my husband is on his way up to help tame nature, a formidable endeavor here.  Last night the coyotes were in close and my dog was acting brave, barking at them in front by the river.  Scares me.  She only acts brave to protect us–she’s an English shepherd.  I got her in the house pronto.  I will have to sweep snow from the solar panels, though not sure how much good that will do.  3-5 inches forecast and a steady snow shower as of now.  I need the generator a couple hours daily this time of year anyway–we need more solar panels and better placement–something on the list.  Looks like I can get the snowshoes out soon…

So about the diet:  I’ll take a photo on Monday and weigh in again then.  I’m happy I didn’t go off it the last couple days when I felt under the weather.  I had a couple days of migraine headache, swollen glands, bloated stomach and that seems to be slowly resolving.  When this happens, I usually feel it’s an allergic or inflammatory reaction.  Only I can’t attribute it to anything other than spices on chicken.  Or maybe the bone broth.  Dairy.  I had to take an antihistamine every day for a bit here.   And it still has not completely resolved in the gut.   This happened often, more like weekly before I started this diet.  It was still a disappointment since I’d gone a month with nothing like that.  A miracle.

My diet has consisted of ribeyes or New York strips, roasted chicken, baked chicken wings, ground beef, liver meatloaf, pork chops, shrimp, smoked oysters, bacon, eggs, a bit of cheese.  Bone broth.  Sparkling water, filtered water, coffee.  That’s it.  I had planned on some sardines but didn’t feel like eating them and I mostly crave either bacon or steaks.  Eggs.  I usually snack on turkey jerky but the company I ordered from ruined it, made it mushy, and I hate that.

I’ve lost 4-5 pounds more in a month (I had already lost 15 on Keto before that in three months), which is a good weight loss for me since I’m nearing my goal weight.  I am not really trying to lose, but am hoping to change body composition, tone up around the neck and middle, etc.  I am also doing a Warriormade workout three times/week, though I felt too ill to do that twice this week.  Tyler did send out an email today talking about ho to breathe from the stomach and not chest breathing-something I know I do and leads to tension.  I’m working on it as I write.

My skin has really improved, though I have some concerns at my age if I’ll look too wrinkly or saggy once I hit my fitness goals.  I do have hopes it will adjust as it’s much moister and smoother.   And I have my dad’s good genes and look younger for my age.   We’ll see.

I go to the bathroom fine.  Usually once or twice/day.  Before I tended toward hard stools and constipation and bloating.

I think as time goes on here, I am not noticing the dramatic change I did at first–my eye has adjusted to my face looking better, I’ve grown more accustomed to the lack of bloating and to feeling better.  I think my mood was more noticeably improved at first, though I still have to say I no longer wake up with this feeling of doom, of dread.  So that has overall been better even with a very stressful week last week.  We also have not seen the sun in over a week here.

I had read a lot about the usual suspects on carnivore:  Shawn Baker, and Mikhaila Peterson (and her dad).  Interesting experiences.  Mikhaila had been so ill and seems to have autoimmune problems like I do.  Hers were crippling arthritis to the point she had to have joints replaced.  She’s done much better and she and her father are not suffering from clinical depression like they were.  So I’m not certain if people like Milhaila and I are just allergic to lots of things or if everyone would do better without plants, or at least limited ones.  The hardcore folks eat only steak and water, no coffee (which is a plant) or dairy.  I may try cutting those out just the last week if I can.  Coffee would be the hardest thing ever for me to cut out.

Reminder:  I am 63, no real weight problem, low blood pressure, low glucose, low triglycerides,  high cholesterol, but my good cholesterol is 90 sometimes.  I will be having specific blood tests done the end of this month.  I don’t expect my cholesterol to improve.  I have Hashimoto’s and am on thyroid meds but that’s all.  No other medication.

Food today:  My sparkling water, filtered water, a pot of organic coffee.  At 1 or so, I’ll make some bacon maybe (I’m out of eggs)  and tonight will be a couple pastured pork chops.  Maybe a bite of cheese or some shrimp.  I’m not certain yet.

Dreams:  I want to talk more about synchronicity today.  If you read my blog yesterday, you know I had dreamed about a Mother Goose type woman with purple hair.  Last month, I ordered a lot of books on dreams and one book called The Premonition Code–all research for a novel I’m writing.  I had not realized that The Premonition Code had just been released in October!  When I looked up the authors, I was shocked to see one of them looked like my dream woman remarkably and was wearing a purple hat in one of the pictures.  Both authors had purple shirts on in most of the pictures.  The color purple really stood out, the first time since I started lucid dreaming, that a color was so prominent.  I read part of this book and realized that the Mother Goose author is part of the Noetic Institute staff.  The Noetic Institute was featured prominently in Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, I think it was called.  He is the DaVinci Code guy and his books have always fascinated me.  The Noetic Institute was founded by an astronaut who had an incredible experience as he re-entered earth’s atmosphere, I forget the year.  But the book talks a lot about prophetic dreams and other premonitions (I’ve had them), causal loops.  Using the unconscious or subconscious to enhance a life experience both in understanding and possibly even to shape the future.  Already a devotee of Carl Jung, I am certain I was meant to read this book now.

My dreams last night consisted (again) of a Big Top Circus tent collapsing flat.  That’s occurred twice lately.  It was earlier in the night and I’m not sure what to make of that recurring dream.  It was unclear if people were in it.

Then later, I dreamed I worked for a company that was giving us free food.  They insisted I stock up and take some and I was tasting a bread pudding.  It didn’t look very good but tasted ok–maybe I’m craving something sweet.  I was in a public bathroom and the stalls looked very high tech, more like showers with black walls and shiny brass fixtures in them.  Now that I think of it, it sort of smacks of a gas chamber, or at least something very high tech, something I am never comfortable with, but I was not really aware of that in the dream.  My friend Karen’s daughter Jessie, was looking over the stall door, I assume because she had to go.  I was also driving around the parking lot with a friend of mine, Geoff Bowman, looking for a place to park, when someone backed out and hit something or someone–not us–but that is very foggy.  My dreams lately have been concerned with public places and danger in them, protecting perimeters of my space somehow.  Building a forte.  Unusual dreams for me.

Write to me.  How is your diet progressing?  Let me know how your diet affects your dreams.  Do you have premonitions?  What is your view of life?

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