Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty Six- Monday Weigh-in


Before/After.  Remember, I’d already lost about 15 pounds on Keto before switching to Carnivore.  Four and a half pounds down.  As you can see, less puffiness in the face and eyes.  Skin is clearer.  More shape to the face.  Still have some neck and weight about the jaw.  See my earlier posts for more vital statistics.  I have until the last week in November before labs and final pictures/weigh in.  I am hoping to lose a couple more pounds but as I’ve said, I’m more interested in overall health and body composition, which is definitely changing.

Observations: My stomach continues to settle down slowly, so not sure what that was about.  For the first month, I had absolutely no bloating and stomach pain and no headaches, yet a few days ago, I had a bout with both.  I was tempted to go off the diet, but persevered and have decided that overall, I have been much better.  I am not certain (I am a delayed reactor) if it might have been a few spices that bothered me or perhaps just a bug of some sort.  I continue to take it easy today.  One of the biggest changes is overall skin clarity.  I was getting some yellowish age type spots, a little, and my skin is much smoother and those have disappeared.  Another huge difference:  I had a bit of shakiness/stiffness in my left thumb when typing or holding a book (my father has Parkinson’s) and that is definitely gone. I have no heart racing.  My mood even though I’ve been stressed the last week, is much better.  In fact, I have moments of euphoria again, a huge change for me in times of stress, particularly.  (And after watching the Detroit Lions, it’s a miracle.)  I have much less brain fog and feel focused and excited about my work.

Premonition time

Today, I watch the snow fall lazily and contemplate the week ahead.  I need to get my wood fire cookbook/memoir revised before the end of the year so I can pursue a different publisher.  I’ll also continue research and making notes to start the new novel after the first of the year.  I contemplate Time.  I am certain as all the precog people (some science-oriented, some spiritual) that we misperceive Time.  And that our dreams (and other premonitions) try to reconcile this misperception.  But our perception is fractured, I’m certain.

Dreams:  My dreams continue to be a bit more troubled than they have been.  I can’t remember last night’s dreamscape, yet I remember it being divisive in some way.  Still no mother/grandmother (I continue to try to invoke them, encourage lucid dreaming).

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