Carnivore Dreams Day Forty Two

Coffee Dreams

Happy Sunday.  I wish you a relaxing day of coffee and reflection.  Tomorrow is a weigh in day, so today will be short on philosophy and text.  Other than to say that as I continue to watch the entire 6 seasons of Northern Exposure, it seems totally synchronistic the preoccupation the writers had with dreams and Jung.  It’s almost shocking.   Think about how I wouldn’t have been watching this if my internet hadn’t conked out on me.  Just think about that.   Seriously.  Think about dreams and how the Native Americans would have considered their waking life and their dream life all part of one organic life experience–they would not have considered their dream life something aberrant and separate.  Same with other cultures.  I’ll talk about this more this week.  But just THINK about it!  Fate vs. free will.  I’m a mixed philosopher, which it seems Jung must have been.   Mills, I think?   Mixed? It’s a combination–no accidents, but you miss the signals, the hints, if you aren’t paying attention.  Makes life (and dreams) so exciting!

Meantime, I will watch the Lions lose.

Monday I have to work on a book proposal and more research.  But I’ll have time to do my weigh in.  It will be one more week until blood tests.  So blood tests a week from Monday, final weigh-in and pictures Monday Dec. 3.  Then I’ll be transitioning into keto.  Carefully.  Will start with vegetable soup, I think.

Meantime (again), I’ll try not to get stuck in a snow bank.

Food today is my sparkling water, filtered water, a whole pot of organic coffee, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail.

Dreams:  My dreams were disturbed three times by the coyotes.  The pack sounds bigger, the lead dog maybe younger, though.  My dog woofs from her bed on the floor, but not too loudly–they are something she doesn’t want to mess with.  Mostly I couldn’t remember the dreams despite being disturbed so many times.  But I did have my first erotic dream of the diet that I remember.  Not many details because the guy fell asleep.  Right in the middle.  Hm..

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What do you think about Time?  Tell me about your diet experiments and by all means tell me about your dreams!

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