Carnivore Dreams Day Forty-Five – Photos


I promised I’d post pictures as soon as I could.  This idiot WordPress changed all its settings and I can’t post the pictures together, side by side, or in a collage anymore.  Not that I can figure out.  Obviously, my face is getting slimmer.  I still have some weight in the neck/jaw and I have concerns that at my age, my skin won’t adjust, but will give it a good while.  I understand that can take a while.  I had more weight to lose than I realized, so will just plug along the other two weeks and then cycle into keto for a while, then back.

The Hughesnet folks just left so I have wireless again (which I needed to post these pictures from my phone since I have no cell service).  The snowblower is still frozen up, but my son and husband are due to arrive today/tonight respectively.  I have a back problem (cysts and discs) so I may head south after Thanksgiving for a couple weeks and have that looked at, come back mid-Dec.  Which means I’d have to take pictures downstate in different light and mirrors for my final pictures.

Observations:  All has been great.  Health improvements on skin, energy, no shakiness in hands, no heart flutterings, no headaches (only one the whole time so far–big improvement).  The only problem is still my bloating issues. That was perfect the first month, then flared back up again some the last week–biggest disappointment.  Hope I’m not someone who has to do just beef and water.  I’d hate to have to give up coffee and bacon and shrimp and oysters and things.  But all in all, this has been a very successful experiment with a couple weeks to go.  I’ve lost another five pounds from keto (I had lost a good 12 before–maybe 15).  I apparently  am a very small person, since I still have plenty of meat on these bones.  Scale here says 115, so probably 120 on a doctor’s scale.  Should be light enough.  I am 5’5″ tall.  I have been doing Warriormade workouts pretty consistently and I feel like I’ve built a lot of muscle.  No cravings.  Next to none.  Not bored eating steak/meat.  Not even worried about the extra food over Thanksgiving.  Mood was better the first month than the second one, but overall improved.

Our holiday meals will be Friday and Saturday night since that’s when my kids are here.  So we watch Lions and have wings on Thurs., beef tenderloin and bernaise and shrimp on Friday; turkey and shrimp on Saturday.  Carnivore casseroles, bacon and eggs for breakfasts.  What are you cooking?

Dreams:  Hughesnet woke me up yet again and distracted me but at least we finally have lift-off on the wireless.

Here is my author page on Amazon if you are looking for holiday ideas!

Cover for second novel — there is two!

Are you dreaming?  Are you experimenting with your diet?  I’d love to hear from you!

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