Carnivore Dreams Day Forty-Six

Thanksgiving table

I wish you a happy day if you celebrate!  We are not having the holiday dinners until Friday and Saturday since that’s when our kids arrive.  Instead, today we are having game-day baked wings and a shrimp boil.  GO LIONS!  If you are a football fan, please don’t root for the Bears.  Will be hard enough to beat them!  Luckily for the Lions, the opposition kickers are hexed in Detroit.  The Bears, Packers, and Panthers all missed field goals and extra points here.  Bears still won but we will hope the hex is still on them!

Observations:  Jordan Peterson was right.  I had a little wine yesterday and he said a down side to carnivore was that things that might have been problems before were a bigger reaction now–I had all this congestion and a migraine.  Not a hangover.  Had to take some Benadryl.  Not worth it.

But this is just a note to wish you a lovely day.

Dreams:  Don’t remember them.  You?

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