Carnivore Dreams Day Forty-Seven

Morning at camp on the shoes

Happy holiday weekend!  I’m grateful to be here at camp.  Sunday I’ll be downstate at least a week, maybe up to three, depending on my back (which is acting up a little making it hard to snow blow such a long drive.  My son has cat scans next week to monitor testicular cancer; we have physicals and dental appointments and hair appointments (even Maggie goes to the hair dresser).  But for now, it’s peaceful and lovely.  I am grateful for my family and friends and that things are going as well as they are for my son John and my dad with Parkinson’s.  It’s a good day.

I am not altogether happy with the changes they made to WordPress since I can’t post more than one picture at a time.  Probably some way to do it.

My daughter and grandson come today and the food will be wonderful.  Turkey and shrimp cocktail today.  The others will have the trimmings and I’ll have some oysters and turkey jerky, probably some cream with just a touch of vanilla/rum.  Lots of good coffee.

Observations:  All is fine except my back bothering me some.  I have disc/cysts in my back.  Overworking it some in this snow, I suspect.

Dreams: FINALLY!  My mother showed up in my dreams!  She died in 1994 and if you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve been trying to invoke dreams of her and my grandmother. (My mother dreamed or was told my first son would be born with Down Syndrome.  I never asked her WHO told her this because I was freaked out that she had told my brother this ahead of time.  Later, I was sorry I didn’t ask her about this.  She didn’t tell me about Josh.  Instead  I dreamed I had entered a writing contest–it seemed like I sent my entry off kind of soon and regretted it.  I then found out my mother had won the year before–it seemed to have some kind of holiday theme.  My mother was not a writer–I couldn’t get her to write in a family diary I wanted to pass down in the family.  She refused.  But she was telling me pointers about what they were looking for.  Though it seemed she was emailing me about this, I didn’t see her in person.  Odd she would be giving ME advice about writing.  But her advice was too late since I had already submitted. Have to think about that one. And it seemed my grandmother had pointers. Got to keep thinking about this. Then my friend Karen decided she would collect the rents for our apartments downstate. Not sure why.  She returned and handed me plastic grocery bags full of costume jewelry, really horrible stuff that mostly looked like plastic chains all hooked together.  Not sure where it came from.

Are you dreaming?  How is your diet experiment coming?  I’d love to hear from you!

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