Carnivore Dreams Day Forty-Eight


Happy Saturday.  The coffee is rich and chocolaty and fabulous out of the French press–a dark roast.  We always have some “camp coffee” going, too, which is coffee boiled in the enamel pot, the grounds settled with cold water or egg shells.  We sip it today and watch our grandson playing with his train, trying to keep him away from early-wrapped Christmas presents.  Away from the wood stove.  Today we head out and search our property for the best Christmas tree we can find.  Often this looks a bit like a Charlie Brown tree, but it comes from our property and that makes it perfect.  We decorate early and take it down after the first sometime.  They claim it’s better for freshness to cut them  much earlier, but take my word for it–that’s hogwash.  Our tree is perfectly fresh a month later and that never happens with a tree purchased from a lot.  Will post photos tomorrow.

Food is fabulous today:  Sparkling water, filtered water, organic coffee, Shrimp cocktail, Filet Mignon with bernaise sauce made in a blender, a quick bernaise with champagne vinegar, shallots, wine, and heavy cream with vanilla/rum for after dinner.  Maybe a sip or two of chardonnay.  Lovely.

Observations:  My bloating seems to be resolving and that’s pleasant.  Otherwise, I feel great.  I am still a ways from ideal weight, I’d say, but slowly progressing. I am starting to get a jawline and it remains to be seen if this old skin has any elasticity left.  I have much better shot at it on this diet, though.

Dreams:  Didn’t sleep quite as well and don’t recall them.  Except more and more I feel the presence of my mother.  I am gaining on invoking her and probably only a matter of time before she tells me about her premonition. 

Happy dreams.   I’m still waiting to hear about your dreams.  A few people have emailed me, but the more the better.

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