Carnivore dreams Day Forty Nine

Camp Coffee pot

Admittedly, this picture wasn’t taken today or it would be a snowy one, but it is THE pot.  We boil coffee in it for five minutes, then pour cold water or egg shells in to settle the grounds.  It’s amazingly good and the pot lasts forever.  A very sad thing happened today when we realized we were out of regular coffee, so my son-in-law Joe will head to town to buy some.  Little John Michael who fiddled around all night will go and hopefully nap on the way.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the Christmas tree.  We head south for appointments–physicals (my blood labs), dentist, Karmanos for my son John’s cat scan (testicular cancer), and hair appointments for myself and Maggie my dog.  None of this sounds very fun and since my back is acting up, I may stay south until mid-Dec.  But this will give me some time to do some dream research and post something more exciting.

Food:  We are on the road today, so I’ll likely be eating burgers without buns, coffee with cream, maybe an egg and sausage along the way.

Observations:  Nothing new to report.  I am coming up soon on the labs (Monday) and a physical on Friday to go over everything. So this week will be lots of statistics and pictures.

Happy Sunday!

Dreams:  Had a lot of them.  I was yelling at an old boyfriend.  I was buying an orange purse, or recommending one to my friend.  A dressy small purse with a gold clasp.  I was shopping (this would be more like a nightmare for me since I hate it), in a bigger city with several people I didn’t know. 

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