Carnivore Dreams Day 50-Labs today

Thanksgiving dinner Friday

I didn’t have the grapes or potatoes or stuffing.  Just some shrimp on the side.  It was a nice meal.  I’ll post pictures of the filet mignon with bernaise tomorrow. 

Happy Monday!  I have my labs done today!  My physical isn’t until Friday so I plan to stay on Carnivore at least until Saturday when I’ll take after photos.  Then I’ll decide if I add in any veggies, but will be very careful with it.  I want to be eat potatoes with  Christmas dinner.   We are planning filet mignon again only with Yorkshire pudding and lobster tail/ more bernaise.  Should all work nicely.   I might add broccoli in, cooked, first and see how that goes for a couple weeks.  I plan to do Carnivore again in Jan./Feb. for at least a month unless my labs totally prohibit it.  However, as Sean Baker and  Mikhaila Peterson both say, labs are based on the averages of a pretty unhealthy population and it’s hard to say what is really good and normal.  My triglycerides are usually really low, blood pressure low, glucose low.  Just high total cholesterol and I have a really high HDL and good ratio.  Will have them check inflammation markers and size of cholesterol particles as well.  Plus general nutrition, vitamin D, etc.

Observations:  My bloating seems to have subsided finally.  While I had hoped that would stay completely gone as it was the whole first month, I would have to say it as overall much better as everything else was.  I’ll get an official weigh in tomorrow and by Sat. a complete list of changes.  Plus pictures.

I have reluctantly decided to stay downstate until Dec. 15th when my  husband comes back because my lower back is acting up a touch and the snow has been too much to deal with.   We close down a few months about Jan. 5th and I’ll work some in Elk Rapids possibly, spend the month of March in Florida to get some sun.  (I’m a worshipper).

I’ll be reading The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) this month as I research dreams, so expect some interesting posts upcoming.

Dreams:  Ok, I forgot most of it in light of the fact I dreamed about this naked man who was built like a fire plug and majorly endowed.  Something like Rocky from Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I think I was inspired to that from watching Rocky Lombardi play football for Michigan State.  He looks like that blonde guy.  In my dream, his hair wasn’t so blonde and he was quite a distance away, but close enough his build stood out.  I dreamed a lot of other things, but understandably they didn’t seem to stick in  my head.  Over the holiday I wasn’t as good at jotting things down immediately, either, since my little grandson is quite a distraction!  (Pictures of him next couple days as well).

I am excited about the lucid dreaming aspect of this since I’m certain my mother finally showed up in my dreams at the suggestion!

Are you dreaming?  How is your diet going?

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