Carnivore Dreams Day Fifty-One


six pounds lighter

Final pictures will be posted this weekend before I return to Keto.  Still haven’t lost all the weight in my jaw/neck.

Will post some pictures of another holiday dinner and the tree–lovely weekend.

Today is Karmanos with my son John (testicular cancer).  Cat scans and tumor markers.  Hope good news yet again.  So no research.

I’m contemplating what vegetables to add in soon and maybe cooked broccoli for a while.  I should have lab results posted by Sat. and maybe some pictures.  I did check my weight and I’m guessing I’ve lost about 8 pounds since I started carnivore.  I was five pounds lighter than I’ve ever been on those scales — 119 dressed. This at present is a total of about 18 pounds since starting Keto and then switching to Carnivore.

Food today:  Coffee, water.  Double cheeseburger from McDonalds — no bun.  Not the greatest food.  Leftover turkey, glass of milk, preservative free pork rinds.

Observations:  Felt tired and off today.  Had some diarrhea as well.  Maybe just the drive and so much work over the weekend.  Appointments all week.

Dreams:  I was staying at what was supposed to be a fancy hotel with my friend Charmagne.  But the hotel seemed to get seedy and I was worried about riding in the elevator.  I was also worried about the people, being hurt.   I remember waiting to be seated for dinner.   I remember sitting by and swimming in a pool.  My friend Karen was there later in the night planning a party for her husband, Bob.

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