Carnivore Dreams Day Fifty-Two

Filet Mignon with Bernaise

My Bernaise got slightly thick–don’t believe you can hold it like the recipe claims.  Still, it was a great flavor and nice dinner.

This is an appointment week–hair today, dentist Thurs., Friday lab results/physical.  So much running means a week of little research and even less profundity.  But that’s ok.  My son’s tumor marker was raised some today which is worrisome (testicular cancer), but it was the less specific one so we are hoping he has a cold or something.  No change in treatment for another three months, but that will put me on edge.  Keep a good thought.

Food:  triple cheese burger from Wendy’s, no bun.  Coffee, filtered water, couple ounces of shaved turkey.  The burger had a bit of tomato and onion on it–I will very slowly introduce a very small amount of veggies here and there.  I have decided mostly just cooked broccoli and possibly plain lettuce so I can make steak or chicken or shrimp salads with various dressings.  But that’s it.  See how that goes next month or so.

Observations:  I’m still battling some bloating and a side ache.   This is not something new to the diet, but something I was so hopeful the first month had completely resolved. Things to discuss during physical on Friday.  I will post a total list of changes and labs on Saturday, plus pictures.  Weight loss has been great.

Dreams:  I had them, but I can’t recall them.  Your dreams??

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