Carnivore Dreams Day Fifty-Two

Christmas Tree

We are decorated up for the holiday.   I’m downstate for a couple weeks for all our health appointments, but we had the tree up before we left.  The tree is so fresh and we turn the heat down to 60 while we are gone.   It will be fine through the first week in January.  We always pick out a skinny tree for our spot and we pick it off our own property which makes it special.  We just need to ceremoniously add that tree topper!

Two more days until I post lab results.  And add all pertinent information as well.  I also have to have my hair done over the next couple weeks.  Pictures to come.

Food today:  Filtered water, coffee, sparkling water, Bacon and eggs, grass-fed strip steak, glass of milk.

Observations:  All things improved except nagging side ache.  Not sure if it’s adhesions or what.  Will be interesting to see lab results.

Dreams:  Just can’t recall them.  Stressful couple days here, but should settle into research and all soon.  How are you holding up this time of year?  Dreams?  Diet?  Fill me in.

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