Carnivore Dreams Day 53-Labs – preview

Roast chicken and a bit of iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing (I picked off my onion and tomato) .    Since I’ve already done labs, I’m moving very slowly into Keto.  Will start by eating just lettuce of different types for a while, cut back a bit on meat,  Then will add broccoli and stick to those for most of Dec.   Be nice to get romaine back in so hope we are done with salmonella and all.   But necessary to get leafy greens back in my diet due to following:

Important observations: While most of my labs will be summarized tomorrow, I must say that the doctor called and indicated my homocysteine level was too high and wanted me to take folate.  She didn’t tell me the level (I’ll find out tomorrow–they said all the rest was fine).  I panicked a bit then remembered that in 2017 I’d seen a functional medicine person who said the only thing that worried them was I was high normal on this level.  They prescribed a NATURAL folate that also had B2, B6, B12, choline, NAC, Zinc and a couple other things.  I should have kept taking it.    This was quite a while ago and I was on a more normal diet at the time.  Interestingly on researching this, vegetarians and vegans usually have a bigger problem with this number than meat eaters and CHICKEN and FISH pose a bigger problem than lean red meat, eggs, and dairy.  High homocysteine levels are linked to heart disease and dementia–more on my other levels tomorrow.  But it appears staying with red meat, cutting down a touch, taking this supplement, watching alcohol and cutting back a bit on caffeine will be the remedy.  Leafy greens are important, so probably good I’m cycling back into Keto for a while.

However, I am withholding concluding too much until I go over all the labs tomorrow.  And will post then.


This form of folate seems to be the right one.

Dreams:  Understandably, I was dreaming about high tumor markers (since my son’s had risen a little).  All else as fine, but getting us past another year will be a relief!

How about you?  Dreams?  Diet?

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