Carnivore Dreams Final Day

Week One before Carnivore
Week Fifty-Two  with my son, Joshua (he’s been on Keto)

I will have to post swim suit pictures from up north in the same light and mirror.  But quite a difference in the face, I’d say.

Carnivore Dreams  Final Weigh-In, Pictures, Labs

 It’s been fifty-four days (really I was officially on Carnivore 52 days since I’ve had a tomato and a bit of lettuce in the last couple days).  So these are my official results so far.  As I say, I’ll post more before/after pictures mid-month when I’m back at camp using same mirror and lighting.  I’ll be almost on Carnivore since I plan to just add a little lettuce and broccoli.

 Reminder:  I’m 63years old so some of my results need to be qualified in light of that! 

 The good news first: I lost 18-20 pounds all together since first switching to Keto then Carnivore five months ago.  (I lost the last six of it once I switched to Carnivore, the last 52 days, when I had plateaued.)  As much weight as I’ve lost,though, I don’t think I’m still at my ideal weight.  I weighed 119 on a doctor’s scales, clothed.  My skin improved, no racing heart, no tinnitus in one ear, no shakiness in left hand, only one bad headache in 52days—a huge improvement.  It’s easier to wake up.  The first month I had no bloating and no stomach pain (that returned, though, unfortunately, in the last few weeks).   More shape to the face.  No depression, less feeling of doom.  No joint pain, though my back did act up a bit.  I think my skin will need a bit of time to adjust to the weight loss, but it’s done better than I thought at my age!

Physical/Lab Particulars:

 Again, the good news: My blood pressure was unchanged. 113/68.  I always had low blood pressure.  My triglycerides were only 70.  Unchanged.  Blood sugar was 93 (not bad but up from 88 or so).  C –Reactive protein only .13,excellent.  Interestingly, my vitamin D was 60 and I didn’t take any supplements for two months and no sun here in Michigan this time of year.  On a normal diet, I’d have trouble keeping my vitamin D above 30.  All my nutrition was in the normal range.  My HDL cholesterol was 90.  Very good.

 Now the bad news:  my total cholesterol (always high) was over 400, up 100 points, all must be LDL because my HDL was always really high. And my homocysteine level was up a bit more (my functional doctor had prescribed folate/vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, choline, NAC, zinc type supplement but I had stopped taking it. It’s odd my c-reactive protein is so low and this is high since they are both inflammation markers.  I had borderline high homocysteine before, so that number didn’t change much.  Just total cholesterol. Also, it’s important to note: I do not have metabolic syndrome.  I have no belly visceral fat and have lost most of what I had, I have very low triglycerides,low blood sugar, low blood pressure, low c-reactive protein.  Also my cholesterol particles, while too numerous are large, not small.  I am NOT on cholesterol medicine—I’ve always refused it for the reasons that it was my only risk factor.  So these results may not be as dire as they appear. It’s also important to note that my doctor was surprised that on my recent cat scan for my back (I’d taken a fall), it was noted I had NO atherosclerosis in abdominal aorta – a clue that I likely do not have it in other arteries.  Also, I had one of those body scans recently you pay for and I have no carotid artery problems on Keto.  I noticed that Sean Baker actually had scans of his aortas since some of his numbers were slightly off.  He had no plaque. My age could also be a factor in some of these higher levels since homocysteine tends to rise with age.  So someone younger might not have any of these results.   My thyroid numbers were unchanged and it should also be noted that I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroid problems and that can be responsible for my cholesterol and homocysteine levels. High levels of that amino acid can cause blood clots and dementia (my dad has Parkinson’s and blood clots).  However, from what I read, c-reactive protein is a bigger indicator and that is WAY low).  My father also has metabolic syndrome (as did my mother), and again, I don’t.   Also, from research, it seems more likely tobe a collection of these things that cause heart problems and dementia and most people who have cardiac problems or dementia  have diabetes (at least type 2), and metabolic syndrome.  I don’t. 

 However, I DO want to lower that homocysteine level and my cholesterol at least a bit (could be inflammation from my back causing it at the moment), so will definitely go back on that supplement the functional medicine doctor gave me.  Should you need a folate supplement, talk to your doctor or functional medicine person.  It’s important to get a food-based folate supplement as the synthetic causes cancer. I probably will take Vitamin D less often, since I plan to add in some vegetables, but not change drastically from my Carnivore diet. And my levels have stayed quite good. I will probably take a krill oil supplement and possibly k2, but less vitamin D and probably not for another month. I’ll be in Florida the month of March and will get my D from the sun like everybody should.  So this will be my only supplement.  It’s called Homocysteine Supreme.  It’s likely it will also lower cholesterol as well as homocysteine.  I also need to cut back a bit on caffeine,switch to decaf which can lower it.

 Diet plan:  I plan to add lettuce, an occasional tomato, onion, and broccoli to my diet this month.   Salad dressing, probably something I make myself out of olive oil and balsamic.  I also plan to cut back on bacon fat some, use a bit more olive oil.  I will lower meat a bit, continue with eggs which have very important substances to help process protein and lower homeocysteine.  I will be blogging on how I adjust to that.  And my labs will be repeated in three months.

Overall, this has been an amazing experiment.  It has worked as an elimination diet and improved many aspects of my health.  It’s improved my mood a lot and I’ve had more energy overall.  As a weight-loss strategy, it worked unbelievably well, maybe even better than Keto. I may rotate into it just a month a couple times/year, but I think I’ll probably stay with Keto most of the time, though I’ll be so careful adding veggies and berries back into my diet.  I may even have some potatoes and cheesecake over Christmas! Though I think I’ll make a Keto-cheesecake with zylitol and pecan crust!  Maybe just a glass of wine or two.  I plan to continue on Keto and see if I settle into my ideal weight/body composition. I’d still like to lose that neck and a bit more around the jaw! I will also be doing WarriorMade workouts ongoing.  And I’ll be blogging about it!

 Food today: 2 eggs, milk, iceberg lettuce salad, balsamic dressing, one slice tomato, bit of onion, 14 oz. hamburger, water, decaf coffee.

 Dreams:  They were a little uneasy.  Sort of.  Maybe not. I dreamed my son John (testicular cancer), was playing the violin in this symphony.  He plays guitar and trombone and saxophone, not violin.  The violin needed to be refinished and I was planning to do that. He was due toplay soon and needed the violin.  I was trying to find out from him about his performance schedule.  I went in to check on him and he was throwing up, felt ill.  I may have wanted him to have a bug of some kind to account for the nonspecific tumor marker which raised a little.  A small illness can do it, too. 

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