Keto Dreams Day Three

Dreamscapes – The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

The beauty of dreams–and I don’t mean that just in a metaphoric sense, though certainly that’s part of it, but in a literal sense:  I believe that our dream-life is not separate from our life experience, from reality, but rather inherently vital to it.  I am experimenting with lucid dreaming, experimenting with reconciling a fragmented perception.  Our dreams seem to bridge our faulty perception of Time, they restore intuition/premonition, enhances our ability to appreciate synchronicity, to recognize more than what meats the eye.

Happy Sunday.  I guzzle down a couple glasses of spring water, then sip a bit of excellent organic (mostly decaf) coffee out of the French Press.  If I were at camp, I’d use the pour-over which is better for cholesterol levels.  The decaf is due to my high homocysteine level so I’m limited to how much caffeine I’m allowed.  But I buy a good decaf and it’s nearly as wonderful.  I sit and count blessings.  No, I’m not at camp the next two weeks, but I’ll be back there mid-Dec. until early January before we close it for three months.  During that time, I’ll hang here in our one-bedroom apartment downstate. A bit “cozy” when I’m here.  We own an apartment building and my husband is still building some decks on the side and working at our apartments.  I will write here and we will spend the month of March in Florida.  Though I found out yesterday I have $700 less than I thought I had (a credit card mix-up), I sit and count my blessings:  I’m healthy.  so far my son John being treated for testicular cancer has avoided chemotherapy.  My father with health issues is doing well in Florida.  We have a roof over our heads and I am no longer teaching at the university and have time for my writing.  If i were at camp, I’d be hauling wood, blowing snow, clearing solar panels.  Not doing that is both nice and sad.  The time approaches I must close it down and that is always sad, but we get 350 inches of snow in our little snow belt.  And I’m getting old to handle it alone.

But before we close it, mid-month, we are building me a whole WALL of bookshelves.  I am ordering shelving now.  I have books stacked two deep on the few shelves I have, stuffed in wardrobes, sitting all over the floor.  I can’t find anything…

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I was 52 days on Carnivore (see prior posts), but didn’t get my results and some pictures posted until day 54.  Today is Day Three back on Keto.  I’m transitioning back into it slowly.  I’ve had a bit of iceberg lettuce (let’s not play with fire — no Romaine yet–my doctor said don’t eat that yet), a bit of balsamic dressing, a few bites of zucchini, a slice of tomato, bite of onion.  I do notice a few negative changes:  ringing in my left ear is more noticeable, a slight shakiness to left thumb when in use, a slight dip in my mood on awakening.  One noticeable change adding veggies or any carbs back in:  I have cravings again.  Not horrible, but I had NONE after about a week on Carnivore.   Now french fries and cheesecake look good on the commercials!  Hard stools already.  The only other veggie I plan to add in after a week or two is cooked broccoli.  My system does not handle raw veggies and broccoli has to be cooked or it interferes with thyroid function (I have Hashimoto’s).  But I am having my homocysteine level rechecked end of February (as well as lipids) after being on the folate/vitaminB2, B6, B12, choline, NAC supplement both doctors put me on.  I have a functional doctor and a good conventional one open to my craziness.  I’m hoping a bit of roughage–the right amount–will lower cholesterol some without putting me back to too many negative symptoms.  If headaches return, though, I may have to be extremely discriminatory about my veggies.  We’ll stick with these a while before even adding broccoli.

A note on functional medicine:  I highly recommend finding one to fine tune your health!  Without one, I would never have known about the homocysteine level at all.  They do not routinely test for it.  Inflammatory markers are some of the most important you can test for and this one often is a lack of folate or choline or other B vitamins.

It’s football day here at the Fays.  The Lions have a new head coach and so far, it’s been disaster as usual.  But we’ll make some shrimp and cocktail sauce and some oven baked spicy wings.  One thing I’ve had the last few days that I recommend on Keto are Pork Rinds.  Mine are jalapeno flavored, have few carbs (one in a serving), not much fat, good protein.  And they make quite the substitute for a chip and a salty crunch.  Really enjoy them.  They  have no chemicals and you microwave them. 

Here’s a link:

Hm, wonder why I can’t hyperlink that in WordPress.  I’m sure there’s a way to do it.  At any rate, they are Chef Piggy Microwave Pork Puffies Jalapeno.

Dream research:  Tomorrow I start reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.
I’ll be getting back into my research for a new novel.  My cook book memoir book proposal is out to a publisher, so I’ll be back to business as usual.  Yesterday I did my Warriormade workout, so today I take stock.  I always take Sundays off to do that.  I recommend it. No exercise, easy cooking, lots of good coffee and pondering the universe.

Happy dreams.  Talk to me.  Tell me about your diet experiments.  Tell me about your dreams!

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