Keto Dreams Day Five

Noetic Science started opening doors into the power of the human mind” — Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

Writing, for me, is self discovery.  It’s not so much cathartic, even less “self expression” as it is an act of pure adventure.  We really don’t know what we think until we sit down to write it.  Catharsis might happen and self expression certainly does,  but they are nearly an irrelevant side-effect.  Writing always entails researching something you think you know but don’t.  Nearly always entails meeting fascinating people. And, of course, there is synchronicity involved in all aspects of it–you are changed by it.

I did research during my hair salon appointment yesterday and reading this book, of course, is synchronistic.  Researching premonitions and the Noetic Institute has fleshed out characters for me for my book already, so I’m looking forward to this endeavor!

It was damp and cold yesterday and just as I was settling in to do more research, my friend Karen called and talked me into seeing The Nutcracker, The Fourth Realm.  Since we both danced for years, we loved it.  And my son Josh’s favorite movie of all time is the Nutcracker.  It had synchronistic elements as well since the  main character’s mother had died and she needed to invoke her as I’ve been doing in my dreams. It was a lovely afternoon.

Today will be exercise and I wish research, but likely two days of rental bookwork.  Argh.

Food:  filtered water, sparkling water, eggs, hamburger with cheddar cheese and sauteed mushrooms, salad with balsamic dressing, pork rinds.

Dreams:  I couldn’t retrieve them.  I’m still trying to make sense of yesterday’s dreams.  Since I’ve been trying to invoke my mother, I’ve dreamed more and more about my friend Karen.  When I first met her, she reminded me so much of my mother–at least in her relationship with her husband.  It sounded like my mother talking about my father.  Since my mother died, Karen (and her family) have replaced my mother for me, emotionally.  Not sure what I would have done without them.  And perhaps that’s why Karen arrives in my dreams and not my own mother more.  Perhaps my attempting to telegram Karen from the kiosk without success represents my attempt to contact my own mother without success.

Dreams?  Diet successes?

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