Keto Dreams Day Six

Tied to it

One way or another, I’m tied to this computer.  Most days, I’m resigned to the fact that it’s a necessary evil.  I am a writer, taught at a university for years, and a computer is part of the trade.  But it’s when I have to do our apartment/house rental book work that the resentment really sets in.  Quick-books has changed so much it constantly gums up our computers and on top of that they’ve made it nearly impossible to access your books–passwords change constantly and the advanced information they ask for doesn’t work.  I only do book work once or twice a month, but we spend hours on the phone now hasseling with Quick-books.  Couple this with the constant computer crises we all live through, and it’s not fun. I have been spending days dealing with catching up on work due to my computer being in the shop with a broken keyboard and other functional issues. (Okay, computer just broke again–can’t type anything.  See past posts for my “technology rant” and you’ll pretty much have my sentiments of the day. )

I’d rather be doing anything else.  And now it seems I will be.

I will get a bit of reading in.  Reading Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol is actually research for my own novel.  I have a completely different idea, much less historical than his work always is, and not political, but his book will help focus my work. Stay tuned for blog posts related.


This week, not sure when, I’ll be researching and blogging about Yoga.  I use it myself but am starting to take a class with a wonderful woman who has also been my hair dresser for years.  There’s a tie with yoga to lucid dreaming, premonitions, and other spiritual experiences.  It will figure hugely in my experience as I work on this project.

Food today will be my usual filtered and sparkling water, a steak salad with blue cheese dressing, a few pork rinds for snacks.  I’m partially fasting today, so will confine eating to dinner.  This is in preparation for a day fast coming up soon.   I haven’t had one in some time and it always improves both my health and creativity.

Dreams:  I dreamed I was at some camp or resort and met this guy named Tim, but he looked like Tucker Carlson on Fox News and was famous like him for something I can’t remember or didn’t know.  He was kissing me with his shirt off and I was rubbing his neck.  Not sure where we were but someplace public.  Lots of other people there I was interacting with off and on.   Came time for me to leave and he helped me load up my Jeep and said he’d write to me but I didn’t respond since he seemed too distracted and important and full of himself to me.  I think the interesting thing was he said he’d “write” to me.  That isn’t something anyone would say today.  They’d call or email or text, but I knew he meant snail mail, and somehow that seemed unusual and something more special, so I left a bit puzzled about it all.  I was younger in the dream.  Not sure how old.  My grandmother used to dream about Alan Alda when she was 80–said he was the sexiest man alive.

Happy Wednesday.  Dreams?  Yoga?  Diet?

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