Keto Dreams Day Seven

First Day of Class

Well, no, I’m not on the beach.  So far, I’m still sipping coffee and trying to do company books despite untold computer problems and missing information from my partners.  But  I will be at the Parks and Rec here in Romeo, Michigan where it’s 35 degrees and gloomy, tonight, for my first class of movement type Yoga.  I didn’t bring exercise clothes, so will see how I get on.  This yoga is also part of my research for my novel.  I will have a character who is a Yoga instructor and there is a tie-in to Yoga and the Noetic Institute.  

I am writing this now after my Yoga class–how fun it was. It’s a particular type where you do movement, so you get an aerobic workout and of course, strength and flexibility and stress relief all come from the Yoga movements.  I wasn’t familiar with all the movements, but I loved it. Kelly turned off all the lights and had candles lit all over and the music was great, lots of tribal stuff, some usual flute stuff.  Kelly does this massage thing –I will get all the formal names of this stuff along the way for my research for the book.  But she massages your head, face, shoulders and feet at the end while you are in corpse pose.  There were a few movements I couldn’t do, the bouncing ones because of my back, but did them flat footed.  So excited about doing this every Wednesday through the winter.

Dan Brown research: Our forefathers, many of them, were free masons.  They believed in astrology or at least used its influence when building the important buildings such as the White House and U.S. Capitol and much of Washington D.C.  I’m not sure this was because they were unscientific in the least; it was a nod to the spiritual side of the human experience and all we don’t and probably will never understand.  They were also, many of them, Unitarians, a nondenominational religion consistent with beliefs of the free masons.   Interesting: in Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol, the plot, which I am just getting into, revolves around a woman working in a secret lab in the Smithsonian Institute’s Service Center (where most of the exhibits are stored when not displayed) on the key to the universe essentially–Brown is playing with the idea that there is a key to understanding everything.  That this woman from the Noetic Institute will prove once and for all if things are mystical or are scientific (so far, the option wasn’t for both, but I am certain it will show up in the plot at some point since I know how Brown thinks).  So all my research progresses and it’s fascinating.  As all my books do, this process is changing me already in some ways, reminding me who I am, in others.

As a side note, not only is my company computer acting up, but my personal Dell has just refused to let me log on, so I am on my husband’s computer (see my technology rant for more perspective).

Food today is filtered water, sparkling water, glass of milk.  I am not certain what I’ll eat out after the yoga class but am considering some broiled fish and a salad.   Or a steak salad. Due to my cholesterol being 400 (my ONLY risk factor) after the carnivore diet, I’ve judiciously added in some salad greens and a few bites of cooked vegetables , a tomato here and there, hoping I don’t get many of my symptoms back.   the diet was a great success on many levels, the only down side, that ridiculously high number.  I’ve also added some plant sterols which added 10 grams of carbs to my diet right there in gummy form.  Will have to find a different source next time.  I want to keep carbs to 25.  And my glass of milk added almost all the rest.  I’ll have to cut my glass of milk to 4 oz., and cut out the plant sterols on days when I have my low carb tortilla shells or salad dressing or things with tiny bits of carbs.  I’m taking berberine which is also known to lower cholesterol, help you lose weight, and lower blood pressure.   I don’t need to lower blood pressure, anyway.  This along with my Homocysteine supplement that includes natural folate, B2, B6, B12, choline, Zinc, TMG and NAC.  My labs will be repeated end of Feb. before we head to Florida.

** I just did some more research on the plant sterols.  I was looking for something natural to lower cholesterol a bit, but I might have to stick with just berberine.  It says there is some risk.  It lowers cholesterol but deposits plaque in the arteries of the heart.  Ok, what’s wrong with this picture??  Is it more important to have low cholesterol just CUZ, or keep plaque out of your arteries?   The average person who dies from any cause or a cardiac event has an average total cholesterol of 179.  LDL is already low and their idea is to lower it further while ignoring that the average person’s TRIGLYCERIDE level is very high and their HDL is very low–guess why.  They have metabolic syndrome–the opposite of my numbers.  Also, studies show that people over 60 live longer with HIGH cholesterol.  So if I take the sterols at all, it will be once/week, just to bring things a bit more in line.  I want total cholesterol just under 300 and I won’t worry about it.  Standard protocol once someone has a heart event (like my husband) is to put them on a statin.  They claim statistics say it helps, but how in the world would they know that when they are also on all kinds of blood thinners.  I remain convinced a person with numbers like mine should not go on a statin drug.

Dreams:  I slept well, a good nine hours after many days of sleeping only about six.  I dreamed I was on a hill, in some house I wasn’t familiar with, with a room full of Italians who were testifying to some kind of crisis health issue for someone.  I can’t remember what.  My father was in another room on a couch for a while and then I was.  I invited my dog up to join me and she hopped up.  I was watching tv.  Then in some crazy aberrant moment, I dreamed someone told me that to remove mascara one should just put more on.  Try it, they said.  It works.  And it did, in my dreams.  Now I KNOW this will not work in real life.

I’m still trying to invoke my mother and grandmother.  I’ve definitely had some success with my mother, none with the grandmother yet.  I’ve noticed that invoking her and thinking about my mother more has made me sadder, made me miss her more than when I don’t think about her so much.  I’m certain that if I become more successful at lucid dreaming and seeing her in my dreams, the opposite would happen since I’ve always been happy to see her there.  Something is blocking that happening.  Since the past, present and future all exist at once (Einstein’s physics), and alternate universes–perhaps one in which she took care of herself and didn’t die at age 64– this can be a combination of something I am doing or perhaps something she is doing, though I suspect it’s me.  My mother would never pass up a chance for attention.  Still if I become successful at this, I can have a lovely dream world with her and I won’t have to miss her at all.

Dreams?  Yoga thoughts?  Diet experiments?  Talk to me.

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