Keto Dreams Day Eight


Happy Friday.  I wish you a peaceful morning in this hectic time of the year.  Breathe, take a Yoga class!  My Butcherbox delivery came yesterday.  I’ve been very happy with them and have ordered $600 worth of meat that should get us well into January considering the outside holiday meals.  Possibly all the way through January.  Though for a few months in the winter, I hang with my husband downstate or in Florida and he’s a big eater.  The steaks (pictured above) aren’t as thick as I would order them myself, but they are high quality, tender and flavorful and of course, grass fed and grass finished.  They are affordable and since I live off the grid most of the time, hours from a place to get pastured meat, the fact they deliver to the boondocks is nothing to sneeze at.  I give them a solid A.

Observations since I’ve added vegetables in again.  If you’ve followed my blog, you know I was 52 days on Carnivore. I had some great results–all except that cholesterol number.   I’ve added in JUST lettuce, a bit of tomato, salad dressing, a few cooked veggies like zucchini and cauliflower–just a few bites. Since I’ve added veggies back in, I have had a bit of ringing in an ear again, a bit of stiffness, shakiness in that left thumb, a slight headache, slightly drier skin and most annoying, a jumpier heart.  I DID NOT miss that jumpy heartbeat.  Well, maybe not MOST annoying.  I also have those big bags under my eyes again.  So clearly, blood sugar levels are affecting my heart rate.  I’ve also had cravings again when I had absolutely none.  Even if people ate things in front of me or saw them on tv.  So take what you will from all that.  See my blog from yesterday on cholesterol labs and studies.  My experimentation has led me to firmer conviction that conventional medicine has much of this wrong when it comes to lab results.

Also, it’s been a couple days of research since I’m missing some company information from our partners before I can continue with company book work–a frustrating circumstance complicated by computers that are not working, either.  But yesterday was a rest day from exercise since Wednesday was a strenuous Yoga day.  Today, I hope to do Warriormade workout if they restored my log-in capability.  They mistakenly shut me out when their last challenge ended. But I’ll continue to spend today with Dan Brown.  I’ll post some fascinating things about the Noetic Institute, mysticism vs. science, human experience, tomorrow and Sunday.

Food today:  ButcherBox New York strip steak, salad with a bit of cheddar cheese and balsamic dressing, a fried egg, a glass of milk, filtered water, sparkling water, pork rinds.  Not in that order.

Dreams: Argh, just out of my reach.  Dreamed a lot, but can’t pull them up.

Dreams for you?  Diet experimentation?  

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