Keto Dreams day Twelve- women


Intimacy.  Why is it possible to have intimacy among women (I don’t mean a sexual relationship) that doesn’t seem to exist between a man and woman?  I heard a rumor once or twice that it might exist between folks of opposite sexual orientation, that once upon a time in a far away land it was known, once,  to have occurred and when it did, the birds sang sweeter, the heavens opened up, the breezes gentled, the seas calmed, the world stood still.  But I have lived long and had countless relationships with men most of whom were not bad sorts and I’ve not run up against it.  What I could characterize as true intimacy (sex being only the barest part of such).  I’ve maybe approached it a time or two and I am not here to squelch all hope for those aspiring to it, nothing of the sort.  As a woman, I have been close in proximity to quite a few men since we women often spend more absolute time with them, but I am not sure a single one of them “saw” me.  And this extends to my father and my brother.    My women friends not only see me, they hear me.  They simply pay attention.  Perhaps I’m not as close to them in virtual time and space, but we simply connect.   Men are too busy showing off, I suppose, saddled with the burden of impressing us and each other, some perceived desideratum, when all we want is for them to see and hear, to simply  be within the same space. To be present. Invest in the time it takes to assess, understand.  I’m not certain if we’ve participated in this chasm somehow.  I can’t answer that because I don’t know.  I’m not criticizing men so much as bemoaning the void.  Yet I have women friends with whom I don’t even have to talk to communicate.   

So are women enough?  Maybe so!   Any support system is good enough.  The key is to follow your dreams and surround yourself with supportive folks and avoid those that can’t be! 

I have four women in my life I am blessed to have.   I’ve had them most of my life, one who goes back to 10th grade.  I’m more grateful for them the older I get and grateful this holiday season.  Two of my friends have lost their mothers recently.  One lost her mother 30 years ago or more.  I lost mine 24 years ago and sometimes it seems I just get sadder.  So am sure holidays are still tough for them all.  One friend lost her father the same time I lost my mother. Yet they are still always here for me no matter their challenges.

Food:  Hmm, filtered/sparkling waters, milk, eggs, salad and blue cheese dressing, center pork loins, broccoli, pork rinds.

I like to brown thick pork chops with a mixture of steak seasoning, chili powder, cayenne, cumin, black pepper and salt.  Finish them five-ten minutes in a hot oven until juices JUST run clear. 

I’m busy planning filet mignon and bernaise and lobster tail for Christmas dinner; a five seafood cioppino for Chistmas Eve, making a master list.  I plan to cheat just with my son’s girlfriend’s cheesecake and a bite or two of garlic smashed and Yorkshire Pudding with goat cheese and herbs.  Most of it Keto-friendly.  Nuts and shrimp for snacks, pork rinds.  Stay tuned for recipes.

Dreams:  Some dreams that seemed mostly images of people needing help, me providing it in unfamiliar surroundings.  And then me needing help in other surroundings.  I’m still putting off relaying my mother dream since today was so demanding with office work and I’m sniffling, headachy.  Stay tuned!


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