Keto Dreams Day Twelve – Menu Plans

Filet Mignon
Bobby Flay’s grilled lobster

Ok, I don’t have a picture yet of my broiled lobster tails.  I’m just dreaming and scheming.  The top picture is from the last time I did filet mignon and I need to perfect that bernaise sauce and top them with a kind of trumpet or wild mushroom.  I’m planning to serve it with a garlic smashed, Yorkshire pudding, asparagus.  Not sure if I’ll cheat on the carbs, but should have to get a bite of my son’s girlfriend Christie’s fabulous cheesecake.

I think I’ll just do lobster tails and broil them, but the basil sauce is in the same family with bernaise, basil being a little less anise-y than tarragon.  Same two flavors (plus ouzo) in my chioppino. 

Just a note today to promise some upcoming recipes.  I’m struggling with a migraine, my first in two months, and I’m sure it’s eating plants again.  Either I keep sky-high cholesterol on the carnivore diet (my ONLY risk favor), or I accept other health problems with vegetables.

Happy Wednesday.

No dreams I can remember, definitely had them.

2 thoughts on “Keto Dreams Day Twelve – Menu Plans

  1. Hi L.E. Kimball, I have been reading your blog ever since Mikhala Peterson had you post on her blog and hoping you continue to eat zero carbs longer. I am 60 and have been eating just meat for a year now and my auto-immune disease seem to be in remission now after a year. And I wanted to tell you not to fear high cholesterol for their is more information coming out that tells us that cholesterol it is not a marker for diseases and that cholesterol levels rises in the winter months as well as with older people it is protected as to living longer. I hope you can view these links just to start but there is more. For more detail check out Dave Feldman, Ivor Cummins and Nina Teicholz work on cholesterol which also have videos on YouTube. Hope it helps you.

    1. Your comment is timely! I have one coming up in the next day or so reassessing my carnivore experiment and my careful return to Keto. Keep an eye out for it. Will be tomorrow or next day. I will take a look at this. But my instincts tell me you may be right. So if I modify this at all, it will be judiciously. I am considering moving in and out of it. How are your numbers after a year? I am not concerned about high cholesterol, it was always high, but it went up 100 points. But I’ll take a look. Do you eat eggs and any dairy? What autoimmune issues plagued you?

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