Carnivore/Keto Dreams Day 21

I sit in front of a nice comforting fire as I write this, sipping my requisite cup of Joe.  It’s a good day to take stock and count blessings in this calm before the storm.  A bit of bacon before cleaning house, I think.

Just feeling a bit nostalgic.  My great grandfather and great uncle ran the last steamboats to run in the inland water way in Elk Rapids.  Torch Lake and Elk Lake and many more.  I posted a picture a bit ago of my dad’s mom.  This is her father in the pictures.  Miss my grandmother.  Great lady.  One of the first to graduate from U of M in Michigan.  Theater major.  Thinking, too, of my mother who died in ’94, as I fill in a few more recipes in my family cookbook my son and his girlfriend gave me, a lovely gift.  So many pages that should have been filled by the women in my family.

I add the stuffed French toast recipe my mother gave me to the cookbook…

Dreams:  A friend of mine has a child I haven’t seen before with burned fingers, all black.  About six months old.  The doctor has treated them and assured us she will not lose them.  A few more distressing dreams lately.  I usually  have funny ones.

Happy Saturday.  Make the most of it.

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