Carnivore/Keto Dreams

Carnivore Casserole today to slide back into eating well–tomorrow will be a fast day.  A week of steaks and chicken leading up to New Year’s  Eve of leftover cioppino leading up to Prime rib New Year’s Day–all keto.  I just had two cheat days and don’t plan on another one for another year.

I sit in the quiet after the storm–my kids all left a bit ago.  Always sad.  Tomorrow the decorations all go down except the tree–bad luck to take that down  before the first.

I have to say that I nailed the filet mignon and the bernaise and my son John did a great job on the lobster tails–broiled.  He starts culinary class next week or so.

The cioppino was excellent, too.  Much better method to sauté the seafood.

I hope your holidays were as lovely.

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