Carnivore/Keto Dreams Day Twenty Six

Reflecting on the past eating.

Top picture is my cioppino–best ever even though it was missing some crab claws.  The method of searing the shrimp and scallops is definitely the way to go.  Cook the mussels and crab if you have it separately, then spoon the broth (made with salmon and chorizo) over the top, top with parsley/tarragon.  Best soup ever made.  Bernaise for the steak also made with tarragon.  Messed the picture up slightly, but what a couple dinners.  And all but the potatoes were carnivore and/or keto. We had asparagus as well.  My son broiled the lobster tail to perfection.

Didn’t get pictures of the stuffed French toast.  But we did do the carnivore casserole one morning:

Carnivore casserole

I’m not caught up with cleaning up and don’t plan to be.  I need a day of rest here with Agatha Christie.  And a fast day.  All by the fire.  I say this as I watch it flicker–snowing outside.  Several inches expected.

Happy Thursday!

Dreams:  Had so many of them.  Was having a dinner party and the guests all showed up and I didn’t have the appetizers out.  Kept trying to get them done.  One guest, a friend, Donna, kept jumping on the couch. Then I was outside jumping over my property fence–I’d just bought the house.  There was a huge drop-off just over the fence.  Then I had some kind of infection and my doctor, Dr. Wissman was making me eat these poached eggs, cold out of the fridge.  They tasted better than they looked.  There was much more to this whole dream, but it escapes me.

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