Keto/Carnivore Day Twenty Seven-Pondering

Happy holidays

This week is one for taking stock.  As I sit before the fire this week, I’ll ponder what I’ve learned from my diet experiments this year.  And I’ll ponder my story line ideas, make notes.  I read an article recently that said that if you liked being alone, you were smarter.  Vanity makes me think this is possible, though the truth is if you are a writer, you have to spend time alone. Without interruptions.

January 3rd I’ll head to Elk Rapids in the upper lower peninsula, to my dad’s house. He’s in Florida.  I’ll spend two months there roughing out my next novel.  This week is a veg type week.  I’ll read Agatha Christie and make notes.   Rest.  Do some exercise and yoga.  I am experimenting with a more commercial style in this book.

Diet wise, a restricted keto diet seems to be the ticket for me.  Some lettuce and broccoli and cauliflower. A bit of tomato based soups on occasion.  I’m sure I’ll have some wild blueberries.  I seem to be tolerating that pretty well.  Food today is a few pieces of bacon, a small ribeye with mushrooms, salad with blue cheese dressing and a glass of milk.

Dreams:  I dreamed we were designing and rebuilding my uncle’s house in a city type residential area.  I seemed in charge of the design even though my uncle was younger.  Maybe because my aunt has Alzheimer’s now and couldn’t decide anything.  She was there peripherally and very young and beautiful.  The house was open from the front like a doll’s house.  You could see all the rooms.  Then for some odd reason, my aunt decided to swing from an upstairs floor to the ground on a rope, like a trapeze artist.  Only she was naked and looked beautiful, her hair swept up in a French twist.  Her breasts were perfect and pointed high.  Nobody seemed to think this was unusual. Got to think about that one.  There was a lot more to it.  The house seemed to butt up against a campground on one side, though there were so many trees, it didn’t seem significant.  My uncle seemed lost and was wandering around in the front yard.

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