Keto/Carnivore Dreams Day Twenty Nine Before/After as promised

Just smaller all over. Firmer everywhere.  Closer up below. More definition in the stomach.  Will post something in the face/arms soon.  But I’m pleased with my results.  Three months on keto before first picture was even taken (15 pounds lighter) then another six or so on carnivore which I’ve maintained since resuming  a restricted keto.  I feel great.  And have done well adding lettuce and cruciferous vegetables in, a bit of tomato based soups.

Not bad for 63 1/2

It’s nice to feel you look better, but I have to say feeling better is way more important.  I think a modified keto might work well for most people, though I highly encourage experimenting.  I am certain eating clean: grass fed meat, free range chickens, wild game, Atlantic salmon, seafood, organic produce, healthy fats, olive oil and saturated fat from grass fed meat, some organic or wild berries.  Organic dairy if you can’t get raw.  Most people will feel great.  Some people do well as vegans but only if they stay away from processed carbs, stick to whole foods.

Next year we will put in a sauna.  Studies show that five days in a sauna lowers risk of heart disease.   And it’s FUN!  And of course I do the Warriormade workouts three days/week.

Happy Sunday!  Go LIONS!! 

How is your diet going?  Dreams?

Dreams: None I remember.

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