Carnivore/Keto Dreams Day Thirty-Happy New Year’s Eve

Before Carnivore 2 1/2 months ago, second picture after Dec. 28th.  I’ll post some arm photos on the first or second and that will do it for a month or so.  Will see how I do after that.  Take pictures every month or so as I continue to eat clean and on a restricted keto.  I am hoping I’ll be able to maintain muscle tone and skin elasticity if I slowly lose more weight.  Or even improve it since I am certain I’m more nourished than on a low-fat diet.

I take stock over my organic French press brew.  My skin has improved on keto and carnivore, even in the dry winter heat.  I feel great all together.  My mood may not as be as smooth as on carnivore–I don’t have those rushes of euphoria–, but overall not bad despite a bit of stress.  I am only eating lettuce and cruciferous vegetables, and some asparagus.  A few nuts.  But not much of that.  Touch of wine.

So three months on keto, two months on carnivore, about, and another month on keto.  Two cheat meals at Christmas with potatoes and cheesecake, a couple cookies.  Got right back on keto without a hitch.   Over 20 pounds overall on these diets.  (6-7 from Carnivore alone).

Food today:  Cioppino, lots of seafood, and shrimp cocktails, Carnivore casserole for breakfast, some lactaid milk.  A wine toast at midnight maybe.  Go easy on the celebration!

Tomorrow some reflections on the year–a bit bumpy– and some thoughts on dreams. 

My son had a strep infection while he was here over Christmas.  I felt a little like I had a sore throat last night. Not bad now, but a bit headachy.  Keep a good thought.  But I’ll skip much wine, taste for a toast.  Also, I’ve decided the mixed nuts with a bit of dark chocolate didn’t work for me.  Had a bit of stomach pain again, upper, I haven’t had in months.  So that is out.  Lettuce and broccoli and stuff had been fine.  If you add thing back in after carnivore, go slowly so you can identify food sensitivity.

Dreams:  I dreamed a friend of mine was gathering some kind of cocktail out of my bathtub which had been sprinkled with comet.  Didn’t seem to bother him.  Some of the dream took place in a hospital and public restroom where I was trying to change clothes but couldn’t get a dressing room. Some of it was outside on two tracks and in campgrounds.  But plot escapes me.  I haven’t been concentrating on lucid dreaming over the holiday and will get back to my experiment in Elk Rapids when I get back to writing.  It makes a big difference when I concentrate on participating and remembering.

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